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Ananda Temple, great symbol of Bagan, Myanmar

It is believed that without visiting Ananda Temple, you cannot be said to have visited Bagan, Myanmar. Ananda temple is considered to be one of the most surviving masterpieces of the Mon architecture with the finest, largest, best preservation of the Bagan complex. Dropping a visit here would become the most wonderful selection for travelers once coming to this century – old country.

Spectacular Ananda

Spectacular Ananda

Ananda Temple is obviously like a great museum, resulting from all kinds of Myanmar arts here: architecture, stucco, terra cotta, glazed plaques, wood carving, , stone sculpture … There are different historical versions regarding the name of this temple, however, it is widely known as the most popular one: When King Kyansittha asked eight monks to provide him with a religious monument design he was about to build, they created the image of Nanda Mula Cave Hall held to be in the Himalayas. So the temple was constructed on that image model and it came to be known as “Ananda”

Great art inside the temple

Great art inside the temple

Great art inside the temple
The architecture of the images was so artistic that they happen to make such appearance. Ananda possesses the nicest glazed works in Bagan. Originally there was no stairway going up to the top, therefore, artworks were secured from vandalism. October to December is the best time for travellers heading for this ancient and historical temple while all monuments and pagodas are all washed by raining season!

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