10 interesting facts travelers should know about Myanmar


Myanmar – the land of unique culture, pagodas and mystery – is truly ideal destination in Asia that attracts hundreds of visitors all around the world. Traveling to Myanmar, therefore, is inspiring and distinctive. Get inspired with these 10 amazing facts about this Golden Land! Tours Indochina

  1. New Year is a Water Festival

New Year is usually called as Thingyan or Water Festival, occurs in April annually for Burmese in Myanmar.

During this holiday, all restaurants and stores would be closed and locals will pour water onto each other to wash away of unluckiness and sins in the previous year. Therefore, this festival is a refreshing reprieve for Myanmar people and travelers alike.

New Year in Myanmar is a water festival

New Year in Myanmar is a water festival – Source: bnfmyanmar.com

  1. Beautiful and Peaceful Beaches

Myanmar takes pride in its more than 2,000-kilometer coastline and some stunning beaches in Asia. However, some undiscovered and unspoiled lands have remained and rarely people explore, even Myanmar people.

When traveling to this Golden Land, do not forget Ngapali – one of the most famous and best beaches in Myanmar and far a 45-minute ride from Yangon only. Myanmar tours packages

Ngapali, the best destination to visit in Myanmar, the Golden Land

Ngapali, the best destination to visit in Myanmar, the Golden Land – Source: oway.com.mm

  1. Clean and Pristine USD

ATMs are varying in every street in the Golden Land. However, travelers should take care of their money by keeping enough US dollars to pay the whole trip and holding as clean and pristine as possible. If the cash has a tiny crease or tear, it would be refused in Myanmar.

In addition, tourists can use credit cards and cheques in 5-star hotels and restaurants.

  1. Kiss for a Beer

It is interesting that when you call the server to pay attention, you need to make a noise with kissing sound, about two or three times. After that, he or she will come to serve you. Although it is not usual as other countries, you will be surprised at how best it is effective to attract someone’s attention.

  1. Pricey Hotels

Honestly, the cost of rooms in Myanmar is much higher than other countries in Southeast Asia. Since opening, many visitors around the world come to this golden land. However, many hotels are not enough for the demand of travelers. As a result, the rate is still high but if going out the skirts, they can find some affordable hotels to stay.

Myanmar has higher price in hotels than other countries

Myanmar has higher price in hotels than other countries – Source: remotelands.com

  1. Men Wear Skirts

The traditional dress style of Myanmar people is longyi, worn by both men and women. Tourists can see in every corner in Myanmar. However, men and women wear longyi in different ways. While men usually tie their longyi in front of them, women fold their coth over and secure it to the end.

This skirt is for labor and city and rural countryside so do not surprise when seeing this situation.

Burmese men and women wear longyi

Burmese men and women wear longyi – source: seasite.niu.edu

  1. Eat With Your Right Hand

In this Golden Land, people should eat with their right hand. The reason is eating with left hand is a rude action because of its usage for personal hygiene. Moreover, Myanmar people use their fingertips to squeeze the rice into small balls and then mix them with other dishes to eat.

  1. Newspaper Stands Abound in Yangon

During the time of restriction, Myanmar people only get news from reading newspaper. It is an important source of information and bride, therefore, when visiting Myanmar, mostly Yangon, remember hundreds of vendors dotting the streets of Yangon.

  1. Betel Nut Habit

Chewing betel nuts is a daily interest of the Myanmar people. Vendors sell several types of that. People wrap the betel nut in betel leaf with some tobacco and spices and chewed but never shallowed. After chewing, the flavors appear and amaze your taste. Therefore, come to the Golden Land and try these betel nuts.

  1. Cheeroot Cigars

In addition, cheroot cigars are also another great choice of the Golden Land. These cigars are ancient time ago at Inle Lake, you can fee ethnic communities rolling hundreds of these precise and calming fashion.

To conclude, Myanmar – the Golden Land, is the best of destination to discover in your vacation. Enjoy it!

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