Facts in Cambodia you may not know

There are a lot of hidden special things that waiting to be discovered in the country of Cambodia. You might hear about them or read about them but the only way you can feel the truly beauty of the country is to experience it yourself

1.     Tuk tuk: the main public transport

If you have traveled to Cambodia, it is easy to recognize that on streets of Phnom Penh, there is almost no shadow of popular public means of transport like bus or taxi. Instead, travellers will see Tuk Tuks constantly moving on the roads. Tuk Tuk is the most common vehicle in Phnom Penh so that I can say it is even more popular than Xe Om in Vietnam. Usually, a tuk tuk can carry from 4 to 6 people and the tuk tuk drivers in Cambodia can communicate pretty well in English. There is one thing you should know, tuk tuk drivers in Cambodia often offer 5 USD price regardless the length of your journey. Travellers can freely bargain and most of the drivers are willing to accept 1 USD for 1 km distance. The important thing is you need to locate your journey to be able to save money because sometimes, you might become a “navigator” for the local drivers as many tuk tuk drivers in Cambodia do not know the way well, especially in areas outside the city center. It is quite easy to understand because streets in Phnom Penh are numbered in an arbitrary order. Tours in Cambodia

Tuk tuk - the main public transport in Cambodia

Tuk tuk – the main public transport in Cambodia

2. USD: a common payment currency

When you travel in Cambodia, it is not necessary to change from dollars to the riel (the domestic currency of Cambodia). From street vendors, sidewalk shops, tuk tuk driver to hotels all accept payment in USD. Normally, 1 USD is equivalent to approximately 4,000 Riel and if you still want to exchange your money, you can easily do that, even with just a small amount of money, at any car terminal, local bank or travel agency. Indochina holidays in Cambodia

Travellers do not have to change from dollars to the riel when travel in Cambodia

Travellers do not have to change from dollars to the riel when travel in Cambodia

3.     Cambodian people: friendly and kind

Travel to Cambodia, you will feel warmly welcomed as the locals are really friendly. A restaurant owner or a tuk tuk driver is always willing to give you good suggestions for destinations, foods, gifts, even when you do not use their services. While walking on the street, you are likely to see local people friendly smile at you. The street vendors rarely raise their product’s prices so it is easy for you to buy things at reasonable price

Friendly smiles of Cambodian kids

Friendly smiles of Cambodian kids

  Why don’t you come to Cambodia and experience all those special things yourself?

Travel lovers.

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