Best coffee shops in Saigon

Saigon that is situated only a seven hour car ride from Buon Ma Thuot, the coffee capital of Vietnam, has succeeded in creating a unique culture of coffee that tops the talk-about list of this city. To enjoy the best coffee in Saigon, you can go to some coffee shops which are the steaming evidence of a strong current flowing inside this city. Indochina tours Vietnam.

Nguoi Sai Gon

Nguoi Sai Gon –source:

Located in District 1, on Thai Van Lung Street, Nguoi Sai Gon (Saigonese) coffee shop has made itself really outstanding among serenity lovers. The Saigon of yesterday still tries to prolong here through the juxtaposition of bikes hung on the wall, black and white TV sets and old wooden doors. What has earned Nguoi Sai Gon so many regulars may be the sense of nostalgia purposely imposed here. The price of all items ranges from $2(VND 40,000) to 4$(VND 80,000).

Ut Lanh Coffe shop in Saigon

Ut Lanh coffee shop

Ut Lanh coffee shop-source:

Ut Lanh (translates into the name of the youngest daughter, with Lanh itself means benign), which draws most of its inspirations from Saigon in the period of the 80s and the 90s, is filled with furniture that makes many Saigonese think of their own houses. Beside a list of snacks to which the young people in Saigon is no stranger, the menu here features all kinds of drinks you can find at any other café in Saigon. What makes this shop is popular is the use of all homemade ingredients.

Strainer cafes

trainer café

Strainer café-source:

Coffee at these cafes, as the name suggests, is prepared not directly from ground coffee or by using the popular ‘phin’ (Vietnamese drip coffee), but using cloth strainers instead. The cafes have their names attached to this coffee preparation’s way consisting of: Mr. and Mrs. Ba’s cafe in alley 330 on Phan Dinh Phung Street or Cheo Leo cafe at Nguyen Thien Thuat apartment building. Having been doing business for such a long time, all of them attract many customers for interesting stories about the city as well as the sense of nostalgia. south Vietnam travel tours


Oromia café

Oromia café-source:

Through both the romantic songs played constantly indoors and outdoors and the western design, Oromia wins the heart of its clients. The café offers an excellent experience similar to that of European countries with dreamy at night with yellow light gently covering the whole space yet light in the day thanks to the open air. The clever installation of natural materials, plants and pond is the evidence of the lifeblood lending of nature to the atmosphere at Oromia. From traditional coffee to take-away iced sodas and blends, a wide range of drinks is offered here with the price ranging from VND 40,000 to VND 150,000.

Sidewalk cafe at Notre-Dame Cathedral

Coffee on the flat ground

Coffee on the flat ground-source:

It is highly recommended for you to head for the 30/4 Park in District 1, to enjoy sidewalk café which recently earned the new reputation for the place if a walled experience is not your style. Customers choosing to have coffee here are familiar with all kinds of urban Saigon’s typical sounds including: chatting, bird songs, traffic and sometimes improvised street shows by students that are also regular customers of this shop.

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