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Promoted by the government and public organizations, Cambodian people have time developing their natural talent as clothiers and craftsmen. In Cambodia, you can find a number of reinstatement plans having sprung up since the eighties including the souvenirs shop at Wat Thanh in Phnom Penh, a cooperation that trains Cambodians disadvantaged by landmines in making amazing items out of silk and cotton fabrics, calamus, bamboo, wood and argil. Therefore, you can find a large number of handicrafts worth buying in this country. Indochina travel Cambodia

Betel Nut Boxes

Betel nut box

Betel nut box – source:

Depending on its size, design and the material it was made, these lovely bags once represent the condition of their users. Mostly of silver, many carry florid designs and are normally crafted into animal designs. Initiatory designs usually consist of a higher amount of silver, but the recently manufactured products are still handmade, and only a careful selection can bring you interesting souvenirs or meaningful lightweight gifts. Tours in Cambodia

Cambodian Silk

Cambodian silk

Cambodian silk – source:

It is interesting to know that Khmer people still produce handmade silk by their traditional weaving method. Here, you can find scarf, cloth, dress, purse, and many other products made by silk in vivid colors. To bring home some “memories of Cambodia”, silk which is really light and easy to pack in your suitcase, is a great choice.

Situated 15 km from Phnom Penh, Koh Dach is a small island really well known for excellent handmade Cambodian Silk. Notice that, you may cost you roughly USD $3 to get a silk scarf in market but there will be a discount if you buy a large quantity.

Rice Paper Prints

Rice paper print

Rice paper print – source:

Made by placing rice paper over a shape taken from a bas-relief carving from one of the temples of Angkor complex, and lightly rubbed over with soft charcoal, rice paper prints are lightweight, decorative, cheap and amazing products to buy. More interesting, they can look more spectacular when being framed and suitably illuminated.

Sculptured Reproductions

Holy blessing water bowl

Holy blessing water bowl – source:

Cambodia has exceptional reproductions and copies available at average prices. The essential skills of craftsmen – using the locally mined stone like that was used to construct the ancient temples – produces sculptures of such quality that, with unnaturally induced weathering, have even tricked some experts. In Cambodia, you can also buy bronze images of petit statues, Buddha figures, heads and apsaras. These can be exported freely, but if on the way home, you transfer to Thailand, don’t forget that the export of Buddha figures from that country is not permitted.

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