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Hanoi has been the capital city of Vietnam for thousand years, so it is true to say that you have not been to Vietnam if you have not visited this wonderful place. However, moving around this town may be not easy, especially for the ones who do not have similar traffic experience in their home countries. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will get some handful tips, which will help you adapt to this lively metropolis more easily and faster. Visit Hanoi with tours Indochina


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If you like convenience, maybe taxi will be your perfect choice as you do not worry about getting lost. On the other hand, if you like new things and desire to understand more about local life, driving might be better option.  However, before hopping on a motorcycle or a car, you have to know something first.

  1. Becoming a law-abiding person

The fact that you are a foreigner does not mean you do not need to obey Vietnamese laws, and the law says that only ones who own a valid driving license can control a vehicle on the road. Therefore, if your driving license is safe in the draws in your bedroom at home, please never let any car pull off in Hanoi. Otherwise, your holiday may become sour with experience in a police post. Tours in Vietnam

Similarly, you also should not control a vehicle after drinking. It is dangerous for not only other people but also yourself.

  1. Driving license

Driving license

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If you have a valid IDP (International Driving Permit), you only need a vehicle endorsement to travel around this city, and even around Vietnam.

If you do not own an IDP, but you have a driving license in your home country which allows you to operate both car and motorbike, you just need to convert your license to a valid one before hiring any metal horses.

If your driving license only gives you the right to drive an automobile, you can fill in a car hiring form but jumping on a motorcycle is not permitted without taking a driving test. Good news is that you will be exempted from a theory test.

If there is no any driver’s license in your hands while in Hanoi, the only way you can race down the street is to take part in, actually pass both driving test and theory test. Besides, being fluent in Vietnamese is a must as there is no translator in the test and it is written in Vietnamese.

Therefore, if you are a fan of adventurous tours or you are just keen to try riding a motorcycle in Hanoi crazy roads, please prepare all necessary documents before going to this wonderful city. Otherwise, riding a bike can be a perfect alternative as it can also give you a sense of Hanoi road.

  1. Driving a motorcycle or an automobile?

Driving in Vietnam

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Hanoi infrastructure might not be as good as the one in your country. The roads here are almost always crowded; many people, including tourists are easily stuck in traffic congestions, especially in rush hours. As a result, a car might not be the best option.

In addition, driving an automobile cannot give you a taste of what locals often do. In fact, majority of Vietnamese travel by motorbike, as it is more flexible and economical compared to its four wheel counterpart.

Traffic in Hanoi

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However, an automobile also has its own advantages. The number of people having cars in Hanoi is increasing rapidly not only due to the fact that the economy is developing, but also owing to many benefits people get from driving this vehicle. One of them is being safe. Hanoi’s crazy traffic is acknowledged, it is hard to get used to its special moving rhythm. Therefore, you might feel more confident if you sit in an isolated space while moving around this city. Furthermore, the air pollution in Hanoi is quite serious. Driving a car may protect you from many pollutants in the air, which might make you sick.

Driving a motorcycle in Vietnam

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In conclusion, depending on your situation, you can choose the right means of transportation in Hanoi for yourself. The most important thing you need to know before driving any vehicle in Hanoi is to obey the law; that’s it.

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