How to eat Laotian sticky rice

Like other Asian countries, rice plays the most important role in the food security of Laos. Particularly, sticky rice, also known as Khao niew is regarded as the traditional culinary that is mostly favored by locals due to its great flavor.

However, be aware of the dish is not enough, eating Laos sticky rice is honestly an art. To get more information, you can click: Laos tours packages

Laotian sticky rice, the specialty of Laos

Laotian sticky rice, the specialty of Laos- source: internet

Khao niew is made from glutinous rice that contains a higher amount of sugar than the conventional rice but it is actually gluten-free. That’s the reason why Laotian sticky rice is more delicate and delicious than other kinds of rice. Laotian Khao niew is served into a bamboo basket which keeps the rice moist and flavor intact.

Traditionally, sticky rice is cooked in bamboo pipes

Traditionally, sticky rice is cooked in bamboo pipes- source: internet

The conventional way to cook Khao niew is like how Vietnamese rice bamboo is made. Sticky rice and stream water will be loaded into a bamboo pipe and put on the burning charcoal or wood stove until the rice is well cooked.

The alternative in modern day is to put the rice in a bamboo basket and place it on top of a boiling pot without letting the bamboo basket touch the water in order to cook the sticky rice by steaming method. Both will come out with limber, delicious taste with no sign of dry, touch or too sticky. Tours in Indochina

It is how Laotian sticky rice is cook nowadays

It is how Laotian sticky rice is cook nowadays- source: internet

Here is how you can eat Khao niew like a Laotian:

Normally, Laos food is eaten with their bare hands, therefore, feel comfortable to do the same thing when you intend to eat Laotian sticky rice but don’t forget to wash your hands first.

The first step is to take a handful of sticky rice on one hand and roll it in your hand until it becomes something like an ellipse. The good news is that Laotian Khao niew is not too sticky like how it sounds so don’t be worried.

Next, break the sticky rice ball into a smaller portion that is enough for your mouthful using the other hand. Make sure to press the small bite into a firm ball that you can dip into the sauce.

Lastly, enjoy your achievement!

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