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Vietnam is not only well – known for the friendliness, beautiful landscapes, cultural diversity but also diverse cuisine. There is a great selection of delicious dishes that you must try when you are in Vietnam, banh xeo is one of them. Banh Xeo is a type of Vietnamese crispy crepe which is prepared differently throughout the country. Travel to Vietnam with Indochina tours to enjoy Banh Xeo now

Delicious Vietnamese crispy crepe

Delicious Vietnamese crispy crepe -source: internet

Banh Xeo is a crispy crepe stuffed with shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts, and ultimately, garnished fresh herbs. Banh Xeo can be eaten all year around but winter is the best time to try it. When eating Banh Xeo by itself without any vegetable, it’s quite fatty. However, when it comes with Vietnamese herbs and delicious sauce, everyone definitely indulges in this amazing snack.

Banh Xeo is served with a lot of herbs

Banh Xeo is served with a lot of herbs -source: internet

Due to the geographical differences in cooking styles and spices in Vietnam, Banh Xeo can have many differences in size, filling, flavor, and so on. Southern, northern or central style banh xeo all have different variations to meet local tastes. When you come to a Banh Xeo restaurant or vendor, while waiting for your turn, you will watch the Banh Xeo making process in front of you. The makers pour a thin layer of batter into a deep frying pan, then put the filling and fold in half. This process is repeated in dozens of deep frying pants. Banh Xeo is most delicious when it’s hot.

Making Banh Xeo

Making Banh Xeo -source: internet

In general, Banh Xeo contains 3 indispensable parts which are the crunchy yellow crepe with tasty filling, veggies and sweet and sour chili fish sauce. The batter is the mixture of rice flour, coconut milk, and some other ingredients. You saw the Banh Xeo for the first time, you may consider that the yellow color of the dish comes from the egg, but the fact that it comes from the turmeric powder which not only gives the dish a beautiful color but also a good fragrance. The filling includes sliced porks, shrimp, bean sprouts, green onion and more. Banh Xeo is served with various herbs such as lettuce, basil, cilantro, dill and mint which keep balancing between the fatty and freshness. Banh Xeo is not Banh Xeo anymore if there is no dipping sauce. The dipping sauce is a combination of sour from vinegar or lime juice, the sweetness from sugar, spicy from chili and garlic, lightly salty from fish sauce. All the ingredients are mixed together in an appropriate ratio which makes a perfect sauce for dipping.

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How to eat Banh Xeo

How to eat Banh Xeo -source: internet

You can eat Banh Xeo with chopstick or fork but using your hands is the easiest and most professional way to eat banh xeo. One layer of fresh vegetable, a piece of Banh Xeo, wrap it up and dip into sweet chili fish sauce, there’s hardly anything to dislike this delicious dish. Some restaurants also offer rice papers to wrap. Do not worry if anything might fall out on your table or your hands get full of sauce, this messy eating way makes you feel more enjoyable.

Winter is the best time to enjoy Banh Xeo

Winter is the best time to enjoy Banh Xeo -source: internet

In the cold and chilly winter days, walking along the street, you will find it hard to resist the temptation of walking into one of Banh Xeo restaurant along the street to enjoy Banh Xeo after hearing the joyful sound of the cooking and the amazing scent and flavor of this dish coming out the restaurants. Do not hesitate to enjoy this dish immediately. Banh Xeo never lets you down.

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