Enjoy Grilled Vegetable In Sapa

Apart from beautiful landscapes of mountains, terraces, and forests, enjoying the culinary specialties in Sapa will make your experience fantastic, especially grilled vegetable. Many travelers say that if you arrive at Sapa without eating grilled food, you will never find out the richness and uniqueness of this town’s food culture. Vietnam travel tours

Enjoy grilled food in Sapa

Enjoy grilled food in Sapa -source: internet

Is it hard to find a grilled vegetable place in Sapa? Indeed, travelers can find grilled stalls anywhere in Sapa, but Ham Rong Street next to the Stone Church is considered as the best “grilled Food Street” with a lot of fantastic stalls. Although enjoying grilled food in Vietnam is quite popular, eating them in Sapa becomes an unmistakable brand name. Enjoying grilled vegetable and food in a fresh, clean and cold climate will leave unforgettable flavors and deep impressions when coming to Sapa.

Stop by at any stall to enjoy the best grilled vegetable

Stop by at any stall to enjoy the best grilled vegetable -source: internet

Must-taste grilled food in Sapa

Thanks to a chilly climate, Sapa is the town of different and fresh vegetables like broccoli, chayote, beets, cauliflower, etc. That’s why grilled vegetables taste soft, sweet, and delicious. Apart from cassava, mushroom, corn and sweet potato, travelers are suggested to enjoy with pork, beef, chicken or salmon. With hundreds of dishes, it’s not easy to enjoy within one week. Each dish has its own marinating style, flavors, and spices that make it special and unique. Stop by any stall, sit around the charcoal stove and enjoy as many skewers as you like. Just spend about 200.000 VND (nearly $10), and you have a delicious meal.

Smell a fragrance of grilled corns

Smell a fragrance of grilled corns- source: internet

What are the most specialties in Sapa? The grilled-heo cắp nách is the most favorite and famous dish that attracts any traveler. It’s a kind of tender, lean and less fat meat from small local pigs, and this dish will be fed by vegetables and rice. The pork is often seasoned with onions, garlic, five-spice powder, and garlic. After, put each skewer on the charcoal stove, and no one can resist the temptation of the tasty grilled pork covered with tender and crispy skin. Also, there are lots of delicious food, including grilled salmon with herbs in silver paper, sticky rice cake, half-hatched egg, grilled chicken, exotic flavor from grilled tofu and beef roll with cabbage.

When is the best time to enjoy grilled food?

When the town is covered with mist and cold winds start blowing through travelers, it’s an ideal to sit near the charcoal stove, rub the hands and warm the face. Get a sniff of grilled fragrance along with the smell of native vegetables to fulfill your stomach. Don’t forget to take a sip of local wine to warm yourself while enjoying the quiet and peaceful atmosphere at night. Indochina travel Cambodia

A dish of delicious grilled meat

A dish of delicious grilled meat- source: internet

Apart from Ham Rong Street, travelers also stop by some grilled food stall at Love Waterfall, Silver Waterfall or Muong Hoa Valley because of their attractions. Although the stalls are not diversified as Ham Rong Street, it’s an exciting experience when relishing tasty food after a tiring hike.

With the popularity and richness of the Highland’s culinary art and numerous unique products, all make Sapa become a charming, distinctive and graceful place for any traveler. Taking a bus, train or coach to arrive at Sapa and savoring the most wonderful grilled food will be a memorable experience.

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