Explore the cuisine of Highlands Vietnam

Besides the beauty of the waterfalls during the rainy season the water murky, shifting the vast dry monsoon, to the Highlands, tourists can explore the cuisine of the mountainous region.

  1. Forest leaf Hotpot

Each dish is a poverty of ethnic Ede, far forest leaves became hot pot specialty afar entertain. This dish like soup stuff mixed with all types of forest leaves, so initially it is often not very attractive for tourists. Indochina tours in Vietnam

Forest leaf Hotpot

Forest leaf Hotpot – source: afamily.vn

However, the last diners to enjoy each dish must nodding praise and acknowledge its taste very special. Pot leaf dark forest is not necessarily sweet nor aromatic style that gentle, poignant. It looks like the taste of the jungle had seeped into every leaf, bring special dishes.

  1. Rice bamboo

Rice, food is considered by distilled mountain forest in which the sweetness of cool streams and the scent of early preterm untouched green bamboo.

Rice bamboo

Rice bamboo – source: samtuoingoclinh.com

Highland specialties are made from glutinous rice is the main raw material cultivation, not directly on the fire grill that’s buried under layers of ash coals until the tube turns blue scorched sicken. This rustic dishes for centuries was that visitors often passionate and enjoy every opportunity had to. Vietnam travel packages

3. Hemibagrus

Hemibagrus, a specialty that nature has bestowed favor tribes, are freshwater fish, catfish ministry, there Serepok River. Fish is sweet, fatty, delicious should have been present in the menus of cafes, restaurants, hotels, and are favored by many customers. Fish used to make fried lentils, fish braised lentils bananas, lentils steamed fish, fried fish with garlic lentils and fish porridge steering, always fragrant dish is also delicious.

Hemibagrus hotpot

Hemibagrus hotpot – source: vietjetair.biz.vn

Hemibagrus hotpot sour soup is a delicious cooling, nutritious, many people choose in the summer.

4. Chicken fire

From the name, chicken fire made visitors feel happiness. Selected chickens farmed chickens from ethnic minorities or the wild chicken meat so chewy, sweet and aromatic. After cleaning, the chicken is marinated in a mixture including salt, spices, green pepper, add a little lemon grass in about an hour and then clamp on bamboo sticks with lime leaves, give up the grill until golden and shining outside.

Chicken fire

Chicken fire – source: news.zing.vn

Chickens are fed directly tear leaves dotted with salt é – leaves a characteristic acrid forest.

4. Bitter coffee

Bitter Coffee

Bitter Coffee – source: vnexpress.net

Bitter Coffee Recipes are varied, may salt, baking or cooking with seafood, meat … If bitter salt is simple dish with shredded spicy chili tongue when grilled pound has particularly delicious. At first, bitter taste of coffee can make you uncomfortable grimace, but in return, aroma, and very fleshy hook has a very strong taste.

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