Exploring Burmese beaches on a budget

It is not a complex matter of supply and demand: many more tourists planning their holidays in Myanmar each year while the number of new hotels opening up does not supply enough. Because of the levels of the system of government involved in having a permit to host foreign tourists, it is evidently exact at the budget end of the market. Indochina tours Myanmar

Explore Burmese beaches on a budget

Explore Burmese beaches on a budget – source: exotravel.com

Instead many existing guesthouses and budget hotels are increasing their capability, the accommodation of choice – Shwe Hin Tha – had built a brand new and much more reasonable price block a couple of minutes walk inland. By paying less than $10, you only can book for a room without air-condition or even a fan.

After a short snooze, surveying the prospect over breakfast at a beachside restaurant is not a bad idea. Here, you can see young kids were splashing around in the sea, many of them grabbing onto huge indoor tubes that they had hired from vendors on the beach while the parents sitting on loungers or on the sand watching these elder boys kicking footballs around. The families usually order fresh prawn skewers from the women who spend all day walking around the beach, bringing their wares on their heads in big plastic buckets.

 For middle-class families from Yangon, Chaung Tha which is a lovely place particularly at the weekends and during school holidays is a popular choice even though the sandy beach is not the whitest or cleanest you can see in the Southeast Asia. All beachfront hotels feature a relatively petit space, though, you may be disappointed but not surprised to see at one end of the beach a huge and ugly new block being constructed on a crest. Myanmar travel packages

Traveling on rough road

Traveling on rough road – source: roughguides.com

Plan your transport to a little further south to visit Ngwe Saung beach. Partly because of the much more spreading out accommodation, the prettier stretch of sand than the one at Chaung Tha attracts more up-scale visitors as well as significantly more foreigners. You can still find a few relatively cheap options – about $20 – to the south of Ngwe Saung village although accommodation is generally pricier than that of Chaung Tha.

See daily activity of Burmese

See daily activity of Burmese – source: roughguides.com

A few-hour journey between the two beaches on the back of a motorbike may be the highlight of your whole trip to the coast. The route runs on rough tracks alongside green rice paddy fields and through peaceful villages, emerging from time to time onto beaches where the driver picked up pace and ran through fishermen standing in the shoals pulling their nets. At these times, you will be in your most touristy strong desires, waving and howling a mingalaba (hello) or two.

However, the short boat rides punctuating the trip is the most memorable of all. With a little over $10 one-way, it is thought that even the most muttering backpackers would find this trip a bargain.

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