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Being a relatively safe country for both visitors traveling in groups and women travelling alone, Vietnam makes a good impression on tourists, particularly Americans with the warm reception that foreign tourists can receive. However, besides many hospitable locals, petty crime is becoming more popular although at relatively small scale and you take common–sense precautions, it is not a serious problem. Indochina tours Vietnam

You should put your valuables hidden in a bag

You should put your valuables hidden in a bag – source:

Travelers are an obvious target for thieves, so it is highly recommended to keep your passport, travellers’ cheques and other valuable things in a hidden money belt. Don’t put anything necessary lying about in your room: if you have a safe, use it. For doors and windows in cheap hotels as well as for securing your pack while traveling by train and bus, a cable lock, or locker and chain are useful. You also had better separate several papers of $100 from the rest of your cash, together with details of insurance policy as well as many important documents’ photocopies including the appropriate pages of your passport consisting of your visa stamp.

Be careful of wile for thieves

Be careful of wile for thieves – source:

At street level it is best not to be showy: anticipate eye-catching luxury jewellery and gaudy watches, avoid flaunting when you take out your cash, and be specially alert when being at crowded areas and on public transport such as bus and train. If your luggage is put on the top of the bus, make sure it is tied down with ropes securely and watch it out during the most assailable times – before departure time, at meal breaks and at the stop at your destination. Remember that when walking or riding in a cyclo you are certainly target of thieves; so, don’t wear cameras or expensive sunglasses hanging on a strip of leather round your neck and keep a firm hold of your bags. However, it is better to be the target rather than to be in danger of being pulled into the traffic and having serious incidents. Vietnam travel tours

Ho Chi Minh City, which has a fairly bad fame for bag-snatchers, pickpockets and con artists is the place you are most likely to meet the street crime. Be careful of ingenuous-looking kids and old women who may be acting as wiles for thieves – particularly in the bar districts and other crowded tourist hangouts. It is not a good idea to join in a cyclo tour at night as well as walk around lone at any time outside District 1 and District 3.

Take common–sense precautions to prevent yourself from being stolen

Take common–sense precautions to prevent yourself from being stolen – source:

If your properties are stolen, all you need to go is go to the nearest police station to report your situation in order to demand for your insurance. If you do not know English, it is wise to have an English-speaker come together with you – may your hotel’s staff are able to help you.

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