How to get to Phuquoc from Cambodia?

Phuquoc has become popular with international tourists. This is not only because Phuquoc is a beautiful tourist island which is known as the sunny paradise, but it also contains many mysteries that not everyone can be fully explored. Visit Phuquoc with tours Indochina

Phuquoc island

Phuquoc island – source: internet

You are in Cambodia would like to travel to Phuquoc island can go by 3 roads, waterways and air:

Cambodia – Ha Tien: When you’re in Ha Tien travel to Cambodia by bus or private car hire according to their own schedule. If the daily bus ride from Cambodia 2 trips to Ha Tien at 7:00 am and 1:00 pm. It is air conditioned bus company, vehicle and running a transparent quality does not stop along the route to welcome you to rest assured. With the bus service to go with, you get the box office staff helping procedures at the border and includes shuttle bus will pick you up in the office if you put the car in advance. If renting a car 4 seats, 16 seats, 29 seats, the car will go down to the private dock and pick your time actively. This means you have to put the car a few days and transfer a deposit in advance to schedule a pickup of your car. tours in Vietnam

Ha Tien – Phuquoc:

Ha Tien International border gate

Ha Tien International border gate- source: internet

From Ha Tien you must buy tickets to Phuquoc speed boat, speed boat dock daily with 2 flights in the morning and one afternoon trip to Phuquoc with time on the train only takes 1 hours 30 minutes. The lines running routes include Highway Train fares Ngoc Thanh 215,000VND ($11) and High Speed Train fares Superdong 230.000VND ($12) dumps .Ben vessel within the center in Phuquoc island district 20km you can take a taxi or bus, taxi option. if external Limousine type 7 seats or 16 seats priced at 400.000 – 600.000VND ($20-$30). In addition to high-speed train, the Thanh Thoi Ferry also transfer passengers, vehicles and cargo from the mainland to the island when running high-speed ferry route took 2 hours 30 minutes and passenger fares only 230.000VND ($11) .

Travel by air: Airports Phnom Penh and Siem Reap – Phuquoc

Phnom Penh – Phuquoc Island with an average flight time from Phnom Penh to Phuquoc is 3 hours 45 minutes, distance to Phnom Penh to Phuquoc is 175 km with fares equivalent to $ 200, plus you can choose flights from Siem Reap city – Phuquoc Island: you select a flight from Siem Reap to Phuquoc Island.

Cambodia airport

Cambodia airport- source: internet

Go by waterway with cruise

Jupiter yacht

Jupiter yacht – source: internet

Jupiter yacht running online SihanoukVille – Phuquoc. You can go on the sea route from SihanoukVille of Cambodia to Phuquoc island by ship Jupiter, can accommodate over 1000 guests. From Trat province of Cambodia you take about 2 hours to go to Sihanoukville and then cruise to Phuquoc you take about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Go back to when you travel in Phuquoc

When you come to Phuquoc and then, looking for information in preparation to explore the island, you can visit Buddy ice cream parlor on Nguyen Trai street (near the hotel at 9 My Linh Nguyen Trai Street, District 2, town of Duong Dong) to ask Phuquoc information on services such as car rental, hotels, restaurants). You go newsstand, view and print copies can obtain the necessary information. Also here also played a free map, if you go team 5-7 person should hire a taxi or tour of weapons like external visiting, if you want to hang out, stop shooting, you should rent a motorbike will more convenient. Normally you should choose to rent motorbikes can actively explore the island while this beautiful unspoiled. You can ask the right car rental at the hotel where you stay. Because if the problem goes, you can call the hotel to ask for support. However, it should be careful when riding a motorbike. If you go through the ramp Thoi – Ham Ninh – Duong Dong should bring your car running strong because this road is asphalt, narrow, often have large vehicles, very dangerous.

With the means of transport on the above you can choose for themselves a trip to Phuquoc from Cambodia.

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