Heho – a beautiful small town in Kalaw Township, Myanmar

Heho – a beautiful small town in Kalaw Township has long been known as the main gateway town to the famous tourist destination of the beautiful Inle Lake in central Myanmar. Even though there are not so many interesting things you can do here, the town is still worth a visit thanks to its favorable geographical location as well as the unique local festivals.

Heho - a beautiful small town located in Kalaw Township

Heho – a beautiful small town located in Kalaw Township

The reason why I said that Heho has had a very favorable geographical location is the small town located in the Taunggyi District of Shan State, lying on the national main highway between the capital city of the Shan States and the the nearest major town on the Myanmar’s plains, Meiktila. As Heho owns an advantageous position, it is fairly easy to access to the town, a quick flight will take you to the Heho International Airport from Yangon or Mandalay. In addition, Heho plays an important role in Myanmar’s tourism industry as it is the primary gateway to tourist attractions like Taunggyi or Shan State, especially Inle Lake. Last but not least, because Heho is on the highlands, the weather here is extremely amazing, cool and fresh all the time. Travel to Myanmar

 Heho – the primary gateway to the tourist attraction of Inle Lake

Heho – the primary gateway to the tourist attraction of Inle Lake

When arrive, bus and taxi are two highly recommended means of transportations to travel around and reach Inle Lake – the must-see destination in the town where you can see firsthand the unique leg-rowers. Besides, Pindaya Caves of the town of Pindaya is also one of the significant beauties of the area with thousands of Buddha images.

 Pindaya Caves - one of the significant beauties

Pindaya Caves – one of the significant beauties

The best time to visit Heho is in the festival season when the Shin Pyu Festival, also referred to the Buddhist Orders Festival, is held annually by the town’s locals. It is the special ceremony of the locals in which the master will admit son of some families to be a monk for a new life without possession and worrying. The small town of Heho, with its convenient location, pleasant weather as well as traditional festivals, is a popular destination in Myanmar. Visit Heho Myanmar with Indochina tours Myanmar

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