For ao dai lover: tips to get the best ones in Hoi An

‘Ao Dai’ still maintains its name as ao dai in the dictionary, and there’s no word to describe it. This elegant and flowing dress is traditionally worn over silk trousers, accentuating the traditional beauty of Vietnamese women. Amazingly, this long dress can flatter any shape of your body as it covers almost everything but in fact,  hides nothing. If you can’t help but want to get one, here’s a number of things on how to buy Ao Dai in Hoian. To get more information, you can click: Indochina travel Vietnam
Ao Dai Makes Vietnamese women more attractiveAo Dai Makes Vietnamese women more attractive

Ao Dai Makes Vietnamese women more attractive- source: internet

‘Ao Dai’ itself has gone through different variations since it’s original version – ‘Ao Tu Than’ which used to be worn by Vietnamese women several centuries before Ao Dai flourished into the 5-paneled aristocratic gown. This form is said to be the closest form of Ao Dai. Its older modification owned 5 flaps, including 2 in the back, 2 in the front and 1 in the front lap. However, amongst them, Ao Dai is recognized as the tightest-fitted one having a higher collar to highlight the curve of women’s bodies.

Proudly Honored In The International Arena

Vietnam Ao Dai Show is organized in Germany

Vietnam Ao Dai Show is organized in Germany- source: internet

‘Ao Dai’ is chosen as the mainstream clothing for Vietnamese festivals around the world and also honored several times in the global competitions, such as Ms. Earth, Ms. World, APEC conference held in Vietnam. Not only that, in some special occasions, several foreign artists and celebrities decided to wear Ao Dai as their way to show off their respect and friendliness to Vietnamese people. Vietnam travel tours

With such a demure yet attractive, Ao Dai makes so many visitors who come to visit Vietnam fall in love at once and have the willingness to order tailor-made dresses to bring home.

So How To Buy Ao Dai In Hoian?

Yaly Couture sells the beautiful colors of Ao Dai in Hoian

Yaly Couture sells the beautiful colors of Ao Dai in Hoian- source: internet

If you want to buy the quality fabrics to make your own creations, then there’s a wide variety of sites for you to shop. Among them, Ly Tu Trong Street in District 1 is properly the ideal site to provide you with a large number of beautifully printed fabrics made in the premium quality. For wider choices, there are some other stores to add to your wish list: Yaly Couture, a popular name owning 4 showrooms in Hoian:

Showroom 1: 47 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hoian Town, Vietnam

Showroom 2: 47 Tran Phu Street, Hoian, Vietnam

Showroom 3: 358 Nguyen Duy Hieu Street, Hoian, Vietnam

Showroom 4: 580 Cua Dai Street, Hoian Town, Vietnam

Lying on Le Loi Street of Hoian, you can find A Dong Silk situated on 40 Le Loi Street, Hoian, Vietnam where gives you a chance to have your own Ao Dai specially tailored to your own specifications in 4 hours at a reasonable price. This place has the most aesthetic and exquisite designs made by the talented Vietnamese artisans. As compared to others, this place is specially favoured for their exquisite quality and attentive service as well as their amazing knowledge about which fabrics work the best with your garments.

The color and pattern of Ao Dai in Vietnam is symbolic and unique

The color and pattern of Ao Dai in Vietnam is symbolic and unique- source: internet

If hitting up the market, one of the fantastic places to broaden your discovery will be Tan Dinh Market. This place is a badass shopping spot for us to find a unique fabrics of the most dazzling patterns and details.

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