Mandalay – the ancient capital of Burma

For people who love to travel, Myanmar has two must-visit destinations even for just one day. The first destination, no doubt, is Yangon – the former capital city of Myanmar while the other one is also an ancient capital of the country – Mandalay. There are a lot of interesting things waiting to be discovered in the unique Mandalay.

Mandalay – one of the must-visit destinations in Myanmar

Mandalay – one of the must-visit destinations in Myanmar

Before the establishment of Naypyidaw – Myanmar’s current capital, Mandalay used to be the second largest city in Myanmar. Was born to become the cultural and Buddhist center of Burma, as a result, tourists once come to Mandalay will be attracted not only by unique architected temples almost every where but also by the ancient castles and royal palaces. Mandalay is relatively similar to the Old Quarter of Hanoi, the whole city is arranged in squares like a chess-board, streets are perpendicular to each other and sequenced so that they are quite simple to be found. Being a big city with a high population density but the infrastructure in Mandalay actually has not been developed, therefore, you may have to face with traffic jam issue when travelling here. However, you do not have to worry that much, as locals say, you should not miss a Mandalay’s specialty – the Jeep – a small means of transport, fast and suitable for not-so-good roads in the city. Travel to Myanmar

Jeep - a popular means of transport in the city

Jeep – a popular means of transport in the city

No boday can deny that Mandalay is a very special place as it has plenty of sights worth seeing namely Shwenandaw Kyaung – also known as the Golden Palace Monastery, a famous traditional Burmese-style temple, the longest teak bridge in the world which spans Taungthaman Lake or the Mandalay Hill where you can enjoy panpramic views of the whole city, etc. if you do not have plenty of time in Mandalay, hiring a taxi to go around at a cost of about 50 dollars for more than half day of a quick visit places in the city, including waiting time fee is highly recommended. Travel Myanmar with Indochina tours

U Bein Bridge - the world’s longest teak bridge which spans Taungthaman Lake

U Bein Bridge – the world’s longest teak bridge which spans Taungthaman Lake

We all agree that the city has so much to offer, so there is no reason to waste time anymore, just book a suitable tour and have enjoyable time in Mandalay.

The Indochina Voyages team.

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