Morakot Island, Cambodia

Located just off Hawaii Beach the coast of Sihanoukville in the Gulf of Siam, Cambodia, Morakot Island is known as Snake Island or Koh Puos Island. (Puos means snake in the Cambodian language).

Morakot Island, Cambodia

Morakot Island, Cambodia

Morakot Island is the only island property development in Cambodia that has direct access to the mainland.  So you can have the pleasure of complete privacy on this heavenly island, or join the hustle and bustle of Sihanoukville with only a bridge separating you from the two very different experiences that you can combine into your own unique holiday. Visit Cambodia with Indochina tours Cambodia

Morakot Island

Morakot Island

Koh Puos or also known as Morakot Island, or Snake Island was sold in 2008 and now this island is owned by a Russian company called Koh Puos (Cambodia) Investment Group, Ltd. (KPIC). The Island is connected to the Mainland by the long bridge that was completed in summer 2011. The bridge has one end on Hawaii Beach and it’s 950 meters across the ocean to Morakot Island.

Morakot Island is conveniently located less than 20 kilometres from Sihanoukville International Airport. With its newly constructed concrete bridge, the Island offers guests privacy and security on this stunning property.  Set on 120 hectares, the development includes residential, commercial, recreational and amusement facilities.  This property is set to be the new “gold coast” for the region. Tours in Cambodia

Morakot Island is a luxury resort which covers an area of 1 square kilometer. You may have to spend 5 minutes to travel to the island by crossing the bridge.

Morakot Bridge

Morakot Bridge

Morakot Island is one of the most beautiful Islands that you will be able to discover your dream home here. We invite you to come to explore Cambodia and extraordinary Morakot Island, you will discover a private heaven where and incredible experiences.

Koh Puos Island is an exotic destination attracting adventurous vacationers, a few short years ago. Today there’s a unique, master planned, luxury residential and resort community, connect to the main land by Morakot Bridge.

Koh Puos is a quiet and undeveloped island 1 kilometer from the Lomhè Kay beach. Visitors are advised to travel in groups and to bring their own food and drinks when visiting this island.

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