Myanmar – the heaven of tropical fruits

Myanmar is widely well-known for not only the stunning beauty of ancient temples or pagodas, a primitive culture but also delicious foods, especially tropical fruits. It is claimed that Myanmar is the home of many tropical fruits which is exported to many countries around the world. If they appear in your own country, that coming to their come and tasting the freshest fruits is so exciting. Let’s travel Myanmar to enjoy fruit with: Indochina tours and Myanmar
Myanmar is located in tropical area and is regarded as the “golden land” because the land of Myanmar is a great source of nutrient and minerals. In addition, there are three seasons– rainy, cool and hot season.  It is claimed that those are benefits to develop the cultivation of various tropical fruits.

Here are some must-try tropical fruits

  1. Red and yellow watermelon

The red and yellow watermelon can be produced any time of the year in Myanmar. However, the best time for visitors to taste the most delicious red and yellow watermelon in Myanmar seems to be summer. In fact, the watermelon is water-rich fruit and it can help people feel relax and reduce their thirsty. It is wonderful that after a long hot day to explore the beauty of Myanmar, you can sit down and taste the fresh, cool and water-rich watermelon. Red and yellow watermelon is planned in Sagaing region, Shan state, Bago and so on and at any market, you can buy this fruit. To get more information, you can click: Travel Myanamar and Indochina

Red and yellow watermelon

Red and yellow watermelon- source: internet

  1. Coconut

Coconut is also a tropical fruit travelers should try one time when reaching Myanmar. It is produced in many areas such as Bago, Ayeyarwaddy or Mon State,… Being a nutrient-rich fruit, coconut is a favorable one of many local people and foreigner.  Coconut water is so fresh and cool that you can drink more and more until you are full. One thing you should know is that this fruit and banana is used as an offering to Buddha, so it is appreciated highly by local people.


Coconut -source: internet

  1. Avocado

Have you ever added avocado into your daily diet? And you asked whether it comes from. Myanmar is a home of this delicious fruit. Saging Reagion and Shan State can produce many avocado and this fruit is a exported good to many countries in the world. Let’s come to any market and try delicious avocadoes to see how different they are.


Avocado – source: internet

  1. Mangoes

To the ice mountainous areas such as Chin State, Myanmar’s people cannot have ability to cultivate mango. Indeed, mango is a common fruit that is cultivated in many areas in Myanmar. Do you know that mago is ranked the first of the fruit consumption?  People here really like to enjoy them because they are rich in nutrient and easy to combine with another food.


Mangoes -source: internet

  1. Durian

Durian is the fruit that everyone can try because of its smell. However, if you can eat this fruit, you will become a big fan of durian. Like some countries in Asia, durian is cultivated in many areas and sold in many markets. Coming to Chinatown at night, the number of sold durian can surprise you.


Durian -source: internet

  1. Jackfruit

Like the above fruits, jackfruit is tropical fruit that attracts more and more tourists. What makes jackfruits popular and favorable to travelers are its taste and smell. So sweet are they and so pleasant are they.


Jackfruit -source: internet

Besides some above fruits, Myanmar is the heaven of strawberries, apple, plum, rambutan, papaya, lime, banana, jackfruit and other tropical fruits. Don’t forget to taste them.

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