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Thanks to opening its doors to tourism in many recent years, Myanmar has attracted so many foreign tourists travelling. Myanmar is an amazing country with various attractions such as: Bagan, Inle Lake, Mandalay Hill, etc. Something you may appreciate when backpacking in Myanmar is that the people are very welcoming to visitors. You will be greeted with a lot of friendly curiosity in every places of Myanmar. For many tourists who do not know which places they will visit in Myanmar, Ngapali Beach will be an ideal suggestion. Indochina travel.

Ngapali is a small town on the remote west coast of Myanmar. A mountain range virtually isolates the coastal region from central Myanmar. This is a magical little place with a beautiful beach and interesting local villages to explore. Ngapali Beach is located in the state of Rakhine or Rakhaing in Western Myanmar facing the Bay of Bengali. You can reach Ngapali by land or plane. There are four local air lines (Air KBZ, Air Mandalay, Air Bagan and Yangon Airways) providing air services to Thandwe about four miles from Ngapali beach. If you go to there by bus or normal express car, it will take 16 hours drive.

Ngapali beach in Myanmar

Ngapali beach in Myanmar – source: internet

Ngapali Beach in Myanmar is an ideal choice for beach lovers dream about: quiet, white sand, the quiet rural surroundings, Rakhine ways of life, local fishing style, etc. It is a 3 kilometers long white sandy pristine beach overlooking the clear and blue water of the Bay of Bengal, backed by swaying coconut palms and casuarinas-trees. After sunset, the sea in front of the beach is lit by the lanterns of the fishermen’s boats and can be seen until morning. There is a giant golden Buddha on a hilltop at the very south end of the beach. If biking south, you will take the last left off the main road and bicycle through the village a ways. When approaching the hill, you may need to walk the rest of the way to the top. There are beautiful panoramic views of the fishing boats in the bay below. Myanmar travel tours

Ngapali Beach at sunset

Ngapali Beach at sunset – source:

Many local people say that Ngapali is named by a wayward Italian reminiscing about Naples years ago. This young Italian traveler lived for awhile along this beach. He fell in love with the sand and the sea reminding him of his home in Naples. Most probably over the years Naples and the local pronunciation of its Burmese name meaning “inveigling Fish” became known as Ngapali. Until now, Ngapali still continues to maintain a charming fishing-village vibe, as evidenced by the small boats heading out day and night to catch a bounty that is later served up superfresh in restaurants and hotels. Ox-drawn carts amble along the beach as locals find the sand-ways a smoother ride than the rough one-lane road. And although Ngapali is currently experiencing something of a construction boom, fewer than two dozen bungalow-style resorts spread across more than 15 miles of coast means that there is still a lot of space on the beach.

Ox-drawn carts amble along the Ngapali Beach

Ox-drawn carts amble along the Ngapali Beach – source:

In Ngapali Beach, you can relax under a palm tree and go swimming occasionally. Water is very clear and the white sand on the beach will not disappoint either. The beach looks west, meaning that there will be not so much of sun in the morning but a beautiful sunset in the evening. A common half-a-day trip offered by most resorts and shops along the main road includes fishing, snorkeling and a visit to a nearby island. Specially, Ngapali Beach also offers the best seafood cuisine in Myanmar. Almost all the restaurants are seafood restaurants, but they also serve dishes that come from other countries such as: Thai, China and Western countries. On the beach-side of the main road are the resorts’ restaurants and on the other side you will find somewhat cheaper local restaurants. Prices are affordable, even in the resorts.

In Ngapali Beach, you can relax under a palm tree and go swimming occasionally

In Ngapali Beach, you can relax under a palm tree and go swimming occasionally – source:

Ngapali will be an ideal beach for many tourists with quiet, white sand, the quiet rural surroundings, Rakhine ways of life, local fishing style. Also, many well-equipped and modern hotels and resorts also contribute partly to make a wonderful trip in Ngapali Beach. If you are a person who loves beach and want to explore pristine beaches, Ngapali Beach will be a perfect choice during your Myanmar trip.

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