Shopping in Myanmar – do not forget these jewellery shop list

If you are planning your trip in Myanmar, which is famous for its extraordinary and unique collection of gems and rare stones, it is a must to visit a Myanmar gold shop and get some gems & gold as souvenirs from this beautiful country. You can visit Myanmar with Indochina tours

Myanmar Gold Shops

In Myanmar, there are a number of gold shops, from where you can get premium quality gold, gems as well as other jewellery. Hereunder are some of the places that you should visit.

  1. She Shines Gems and Jewellery
She Shines Gems and Jewellery

She Shines Gems and Jewellery-source: Internet

Offering premium quality jewellery at reasonable rates, She Shines Gems & Jewellery is one of the top gold shops in Myanmar. Not only having unique and extraordinary designs, their jewellery designs are made from the gems specially extracted from their very own mines. A wide variety of designs offered including: rings, bangles, brooches, bracelets and earrings are the evidences that their workers are skilled. All of their products which are intricately designed and made promise to attract your attention when you get into the place. Again, though you may not see a large gold collection, you are sure to find a collection of unique platinum jewellery and gems. Myanmar travel tours

  • Address: No (005+006) Building (B), New University Avenue Road, University Avenue Road, Yangon, Myanmar
  • Phone: +95 1 548 832 ext. 101
  1. Power Gold and Jewellery
Power Gold and Jewellery

Power Gold and Jewellery-source: Internet

Established in the year 1993, Power Gold and Jewellery is one of the oldest gold shops located in Yangon. Operating 3 shops, they are one of the top local jewellery dealers and notable white gold retailers in Yangon. Specializing in designing unique white gold jewellery and pieces that are infused with gems, they are the best places to get the best platinum designs. Jade, which Myanmar is known for, can be found in nearly all of the jewellery shops there.

  1. Win & San Diamonds and Fine Jewellery
Win & San Diamonds and Fine Jewellery

Win & San Diamonds and Fine Jewellery-source: Internet

Specializing in designing and making the finest gemstone and diamond accessories, Win & San is a stylish jewellery boutique in Yangon, Myanmar, as well as one of the best places selling gold in Myanmar. Their products include a creative collection of necklaces, pendants, rings, diamond sets, earrings and bracelets. Although their website is a bit topsy turvy, overall, their collection is so good that it deserves a mention on this list.

  • Address: No.36/C, Aung Min Khaung Pagoda Street, Windermeer, Kamaryut Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
  • Phone: +951-502977 / 504679 / 525257
  1. The Rich Gems
The rich gems

The rich gems-source: Internet

The Rich Gems – one of the oldest and the most famous gold shops in Myanmar is a must to visit when talking about gems and jewellery. Gemstones are Myanmar’s capital products and this store knows well how to turn them into extraordinary jewellery and masterpieces. They have their showrooms situated at Kamaryut Township and the Junction Square mall; the helpful staff is willing to help you to select the perfect piece. The Rich Gems collection includes uniquely designed necklaces, pendants, rings and brooches.

  • Address: 303 U Wisara Rd, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
  • Phone: +95 1 500 060
  1. May & Mark Gems
May & Mark Gems

May & Mark Gems-source: Internet

Since its coming into existence in the year 1999, May & Mark has been intensely busy in adding value to Burmese people and giving them some of the best jewellery. It is said that this Myanmar gold shop has employed international and skilled gemological professionals who work to design and offer the best jewelry pieces, gemstones such as: pearls, jade, rubies and sapphires. May & Mark is ranked as one of the best gold shops in Myanmar. The two May & Mark stores, one in Mandalay and the other in Yangon, are places where you can get the best gem and platinum jewellery.

  1. Excellent Jewellery
Excellent Jewellery

Excellent Jewellery-source: Internet

As its name suggests, Excellent Jewellery has an excellent collection in regards of design, quality and price. Situated in the Central Arcade near Bogyoke Aung San Market, the store has such a great collection of rubies, diamonds, topaz and sapphires. In addition to single gem jewellery pieces, Excellent Jewellery also has a precious collection of multi-gem jewellery that promises to leave you awestruck. Their collection includes jewellery made of pearls, brooches, bangles, colorful sapphire necklaces and diamonds. Go to the shop or visit their Facebook page to get something of your choice.

  • Address: No 101, Central Arcade, Bogyoke Aung San Market, Yangon, Myanmar
  • Phone: +95 9 514 6808

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