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Located in the northwest of the country, around 376km far from Hanoi, Sapa – a moutainous district of Lao Cai is a land of modest, quiet but hides many wonders of the natural scenery. Among Sapa’s tourist attractions, Cat Cat Village has recently become one of the most prefered destination of not only domestic travellers but also foreign ones when taking part in Sapa trekking tours

Cat Cat Cultural Village – a favorite destination of travellers

Cat Cat Cultural Village – a favorite destination of travellers

It is pretty easy to get to Cat Cat Village from the center of Sapa town as you just have to take a short trekking tour. The cultural village is situated at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, in the valley with three surfaces are mountainous where the Black Hmong ethnic minorities are living. Come to Cat Cat village and you will have a great chance to learn more about the culture of ethnic in association with pristine nature – an ideal destination for travellers who have already sick of noisy urban lives. Visit Sapa with Tonkin Elegance 8D-7N

Cat Cat village - home of Black Hmong ethnic minorities

Cat Cat village – home of Black Hmong ethnic minorities

Sapa trekking tours will guide you to a very beautiful waterfall in Cat Cat village which is called CatScat in French. From the very beginning of the 20th century, the French had discovered this beautiful natural scenery and chosen the village to be their officials’s resort. It is said that, basing on the French name of the waterfall, the village where ethinic Hmong settled named Cát Cát till now

The amazing waterfall near Cat Cat village

The amazing waterfall near Cat Cat village

An interesting feature of Cat Cat which made it different from other ethnic villages in Sapa is that many original unique customs still remain, typically “steal or pull a wife”. Travellers when taking trekking tours to the village are often told this strange customs: when a man falls in love with a girl, his friends and he will plan to “pull” the girl to his house suddenly and then hold her for three days. After that, if the girl agree to be his wife then they will get married, if not, they will drink a bowl of alcohol together and everything will back to normal as nothing happened. tours in Vietnam

“Wife stealing” custom of H'Mong people in Cat Cat village

“Wife stealing” custom of H’Mong people in Cat Cat village

Besides the unique customs, almost every traveller when taking part in Sapa trekking tours are also interested in the craft traditions of indigenous peoples such as cotton cultivation or woven fabric. If you have more time to stay in Cat Cat village, you will have a great opportunity to explore and enjoy the unique dishes of ethnic Hmong, especially Hmong corn liquor, corn tortillas, etc. Thanks to its natural beauty as well as cultural beauty, Cat Cat village is totally worth your visit

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