Some information about the beeline to Sydney from Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam which is located in the Indochinese Peninsula. This city is very well- known for attractive places of interest such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi ancient street, the Temple of Literature and so on. Sydney is one of the biggest cities in Australia. It is very famous for Opera House, Sydney Harbor, The Rocks and so on. So, the opening of routes to Sydney will easily help exploring the culture, cuisine, people about Hanoi through Indochina tours

Hoan Kiem Lake- a famous destination in Hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake- a famous destination in Hanoi- source: internet

These mentioned destinations are two of many famous cities for traveling in the world. Therefore, the number of tourists getting from place to place between these destinations has been raised day by day. Moreover, from these cities, it will be very easy for visitors to move to other arrivals in area. Next time, Vietnam Airline will open the beeline between 2 cities, which will bring many benefits for travelers.

Opera House- the pride of Sydney

Opera House- the pride of Sydney- source: internet

Some information about the beeline to Sydney from Vietnam Airline

As the plan, Vietnam Airline will exploit a new airplane called 787-9 “Dreamliner” on the route between Hanoi and Sydney in April 2017. This is the third route of Vietnam Airline to Australia. The first and second ones are Ho Chi Minh City- Sydney and Ho Chi Minh City- Melbourne. The representative office of Vietnam Airline in Sydney says that Australia is considered as one of the most important markets with high carrier frequency: more than 300,000 visitors each year.

The beeline to Sydney from Hanoi

The beeline to Sydney from Hanoi- source: internet

20 years ago, the first route of Vietnam Airline departing from Saigon to Sydney had become the connection which made Vietnam and Australia closer. This has created a new period of cultural exchange and tourism between citizens. Besides, there are many detail benefits of opening to Sydney from Vietnam Arline

The beeline helps tourists save time

When a new beeline is served, you can save many time for traveling Vietnam instead of seating on the airplane and the stops. With the new route, it will take you only 9 hours and 35 minutes to move between Sydney and Hanoi. You will have more chance to visit other places of interest in Vietnam, relics of history and so on. Moreover, saving time of moving also reduces risk for tourists. Nowadays, although airplane is very safe, there is still a little rate risk. Therefore, if your moving time is less, your rate risk is certainly reduced.

The new route helps visitors save money

With beeline between Hanoi and Sydney, you can save a lot of money for moving. A beeline will cost less than the normal routes. Besides, you don’t have to pay for some extra things. For example, when you have some stops among the routes, you have to spend money on meals, buying water bottles, fast food and so on. These service are very expensive at the airport.

Moreover, the next time, Vietnam Airline also has many special offers for tourists on beeline between Sydney and Hanoi. For routes from  March, 2017 to  April, 2017, you will pay only 11,990,000 Vietnam dong (500 USD) for round- trip ticket. This kind of ticket will be sold from now to  February, 2017.

Opening to Sydney from Vietnam Airline has many benefits

Opening to Sydney from Vietnam Airline has many benefits- source: internet

For routes from  March to  June, the round- trip ticket price is 14,690,000 Vietnam dong (650 USD). They will be sold from  March, 2017 to  March, 2017. All these ticket prices has not consisted of extra cost.

With these special offers, you should take advantage of opening to Sydney from Vietnam Airline to travel Vietnam as well as experience new beeline between Sydney and Hanoi. It is certain that you will have good time with the service of Vietnam Airline.

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