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It is raining heavily outside and I am sitting lazily on my bed. I miss pretty Laos so much. I miss Vang Vieng, Pha That Luang. I miss out-going and hospitable residents and miss street foods of Laos. Street foods of Laos are really delicious with reasonable prices. If you travel to Laos, don’t miss the chance of tasting unique street foods there. For further interest, please follow our relevant at topics: Indochina holidays

Fried beef is a tasty street food of Laos

Fried beef is a tasty street food of Laos-source: internet

Sticky rice of Laos

Sticky rice is an important food in daily life of Laos’ people. In parties or daily meals, people usually eat sticky rice. The rice that is selected to cook sticky rice is grown on high land so it is sticky, pappy, fragrant and white. People typically wrap sticky rice into small bamboo basket. It looks so simple but beautiful. In Laos, sticky rice is served with baked chicken, boiled veggies and “cheo boong” an unique sauce so it brings a special savor to sticky rice dish. When travelling to Laos, you can taste sticky rice in restaurants or street eatery with the price about 15,000 Kips per sticky rice bamboo basket.

You can taste sticky rice on any streets of Laos

You can taste sticky rice on any streets of Laos-source: internet

Savanakhet chicken

When travelling to Laos, we should taste a famous street food there, it is Savanakhet chicken. Baked Savanakhet chicken (in the South of Laos) is famous for its attractive fragrance. However, you don’t need to find out the way to Savanakhet to taste this food; you can enjoy Savanakhet chicken in every street in Vientiane, Luang Prabang or many other places of Laos. Chickens are fed in countryside; they are not locked everyday so their meat is fragrant and unique sweet. After being cleaned, chickens are clamped into bamboo sticks, put onto charcoal stove to grill. Savanakhet chicken cuisine is served with white sticky rice and “cheo boong”. The flavor of chicken melts in your mouth with the fragrance, spice and sour of sauce will make you ecstatic and unforgettable. You just need to pay about 60,000 Kips for each chicken.

Grilled Savanakhet chicken is one of the most attractive street foods of Laos

Grilled Savanakhet chicken is one of the most attractive street foods of Laos-source: internet


Khausoy cuisine in Luang Prabang is the best in Laos; however, you can taste Khausoy on streets of Laos. Khausoy is sold everywhere in Laos’ streets. In fact, Khausoy looks like noodle of Vietnam but it is made from simple ingredients but it has a good flavor. Broth of Khausoy is just boiling water. People dip noodle into boiling water to blanch and then noodle and water are poured into the bowl, Khausoy will be added into the bowl then. This food is served with raw cabbage, water morning glory, dried onion, pepper and chili. Laos travel tours

Khausoy is the most important ingredient of this cuisine. It is made from a mix that includes minced pork, garlic, tomatoes and other spices. A special secret of this food in Laos is that people don’t need to cook the bones of animals to get the broth but Khausoy still brings the unique sweet to eaters and attracts eaters by its flavor. You just need to pay about 17 Kips for each bowl of Khausoy.

Khausoy is eye-catching and tasty

Khausoy is eye-catching and tasty-source: internet

Greave mixed with salad

This is one of the most unique cuisines of Laos. It is popular in Laos because of its tasty and convenient. You can bring greave mixed with salad to taste when you travel outside. Greave mixed with salad is available in all dried food stall in the markets of Laos. This dish is served with salad, papaya salad and “cheo boong” sauce. You can buy greave in the markets with the price about 12,000 Kips per bag of greave, it is so cheap. And then you can buy some salad and taste it with your friends.

Greave mixed with salad is a strange dish to many tourists when traveling to Laos

Greave mixed with salad is a strange dish to many tourists when traveling to Laos-source: internet

Some dishes that are processed from insects

Visiting Laos, walking around streets and markets in Laos, you can easily see many foods that are processed from insects. Similar to Cambodia and Thailand, cuisines from insects are popular in Laos. There are so many dishes that are processed from insects such as crickets, belostomatid, spiders, ants or even grubs. People can make fired or steam cuisines from insects. They are all delicious; however, you have to be brave enough to try tasting these strange foods. Going along streets or markets in Laos, you can see many foods processed from insects are sold everywhere. If you like, you can try tasting some insects before buying them. Cuisines from insects look quite attractive but not all of us can taste because it depends on our bravery.

Cuisines from insects of Laos, do you dare to tasteCuisines from insects of Laos, do you dare to taste

Cuisines from insects of Laos, do you dare to taste-source: internet

Laos is not only famous for its beauty but also its attractive street foods. Street foods of Laos always attract tourists. All street foods of Laos have both familiar and weird flavor. Street foods in Laos are familiar to tourists because ingredients to make these foods are not difficult to find out. They are strange because of the delicacy process schedule. If you travel to Laos, don’t miss the chance of tasting high-light street foods there.

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