Taste of heaven in the hip and bustling Bangkok night markets
  • Author: iv-blogger
  • Posted: Mar 30, 2018
  • View: 208

Visiting night markets is a must-do activity in Thailand. Not only because it is one of the most enjoyable after dark experience, but also night markets offer an incredibly diverse range of goods and products, snack and entertainment.We all know how popular Thai street food...read more

Thai Cuisine: unique and exquisite
  • Author: indochina
  • Posted: Jun 07, 2017
  • View: 298

Cuisine is part of Thailand’s special traditional culture. The hospitality, intimacy in communication of Thai natives and Thai food culture make Thai cuisine become familiar destination to everybody all over the world. Each Thai dish is perfect blend of sour, spicy, salty, sweet flavor and...read more

  • Author: indochina
  • Posted: Nov 19, 2014
  • View: 750

Each of country has the traditional dishes contributing to diversifying of one’s culture, not except for Thai. On arrival Thailand, one of the delicious foods we should necessarily enjoy is Pad Thai, the most well-known. Pad Thai, also known as a stir-fried rice noodle dish,...read more

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