• Author: indochina
  • Posted: Feb 20, 2017
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Bagan is an ancient town of Myanmar, which is well-known for  thousands of pagodas and temples. Admiring old temples in Bagan is the favour of myriads of tourists when traveling to Myanmar. In addition to that, you would have a chance to have many other...read more

  • Author: indochina
  • Posted: Feb 08, 2017
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Being a sight to rival the Angkor Wat or Machu Picchu, Bagan in central Burma is one of the greatest archeological sites in the world, but – for the time being at least – without the travelers. A verdant 26 square-mile plain, framed by the...read more

  • Author: indochina
  • Posted: May 12, 2014
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It is believed that without visiting Ananda Temple, you cannot be said to have visited Bagan, Myanmar. Ananda temple is considered to be one of the most surviving masterpieces of the Mon architecture with the finest, largest, best preservation of the Bagan complex. Dropping a...read more

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