A Taste of Hanoi in autumn

Haven’t you still got a clue about which season is the best time for traveling to Hanoi? If so, “the autumn” is the final answer. Once coming here, it’s easy to see why there’s a majority of poets and musicians who love to bring Hanoi in autumn in their own works. Standing in front of Hanoi, they never hesitate to praise its unique beauty through romance, literature, and the memories from the past, especially when the cool wind starts to blow and yellow leaves is about to be scattered on the roads. To get more information about Hanoi, you can click: Indochina holidays Vietnam

Hanoi has an irresistible autumn’s charm

It’s one of the most serene moments of golden foliage that goes with the incredible scent of com (sticky rice), drawing countless attentions from the visitors to the city. Though Hanoi has 4 different seasons, autumn remains the most suitable time for us to wander along the beautiful streets and enjoy Hanoi to the fullest.

The beautiful golden-yellow leaves are spread out on the path of Hanoi

The beautiful golden-yellow leaves are spread out on the path of Hanoi- source: internet

If coming to Hanoi in Spring, you will get wet in the drizzles. In case it’s the winter, then it feels pretty cold with the freezing winds.Meanwhile, going to Hanoi in summer won’t make you feel healthier since it’s hot and quite muggy. However, by visiting Hanoi in autumn, you get to welcome the cold weather, gentle winds and a sky full of cozy sunshine.

Walking around Hanoi at dawn to enjoy its full charm

Walking around Hanoi at dawn to enjoy its full charm-source: internet

Hanoi in autumn brings visitors a great chance to snap the most gorgeous pictures for their weddings. It’s all thanks to the great weather and full light outside in this season, especially in some popular attractions like Long Bien Bridge – an icon of Hanoi’s longevity and historical values, Hoang Dieu Street is lined with the shades of the big green trees at sides, and the Temple of Literature – a treasure trove of Vietnamese architecture from the past. Travel Vietnam tours

In the eyes of everyone, Hanoi appears so elegant and hospitable like a gentle Northern girl who has a nice skin and long hair, a radiant smile, and a beautiful voice. According to the locals, Hanoi is the prettiest at night after putting on a new dress with a touch of amazing autumn wind. Not just that, its beauty can be sensed through the appealing aroma of milk flowers blended with the sparkling lights of the night.

Hanoi at night is more beautiful with a touch of autumn wind

Hanoi at night is more beautiful with a touch of autumn wind-source: internet

Also around this time, the pedestrians might find it hard to forget the fragrant smell of a hot noodle soup bowl, chicken rice soup, the palatable aroma of grilled meat baked on the fire, or corn on hot coals from tiny stalls to on the streets.

Hanoi in autumn is considered the most beautiful and romantic moment for every couple to come and enjoy time spending together. Though this season is relatively short, and usually arriving in the middle of September until the end of November, it’s still the most charming and warmest in the heart of those who have been here.

Hanoi in autumn has a unique beauty on the quiet streets

Hanoi in autumn has a unique beauty on the quiet streets-source: internet

Therefore, right this time, when the autumn is going to come soon, you should book a tour to Hanoi to take time out to enjoy yourself! Hanoi in autumn won’t forget to leave you the smallest and amazing emotions in both mind and spirit. 

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