The beauty of Mai Chau in July

Mai Chau is a small area located in Hoa Binh province, approximately 135km from Hanoi- the capital of Vietnam and it will take you over 3 hours driving by car. Because of the big home of many ethnic groups living together, so Mai Chau is where to gathered the own and characteristic cultures of local people. Travel to Mai Chau with:  Indochina tours

The beauty of Mai Chau from above

The beauty of Mai Chau from above- source: internet

Travelling to Vietnam in July, when the temperature is around 37 degree Celsius, a lot of people tend to go to the beach to avoid the hot weather. But Mai Chau in July is a real heaven you can’t ignore. Maybe someone highly recommended you that: the best time to visit Mau Chau is when it is covered with yellow terraced fields, blooming season of flowers or colorful festivals of local people. But in fact, you can’t visit Mai Chau that time, don’t worry. Mai Chau in July has many things waiting for you. Visiting Mai Chau that time, instead of taking some nice photos with the yellow terraces fields, you will have chance to experience a new look in the harvesting season. Stretch from the top down to the feet, the farmers in the old clothe, wear conical hat, start harvesting rice by hands or by machine, they smile and talk about everything happens in life. The locals use the shoulder pole to pick the rice up. It’s quite similar to the image you have seen in Hanoi people foods, fruits and all kind of snacks. On the small roads, the cow cart is bringing the rice back homes. After harvesting, the locals started burning rice stubbles, set paddy stubble ablaze to prepare ground for the next crop. The smoke makes Mau Chau more fanciful and unique. Sitting on Son Bungalow or Mai Chau Ecolodge, order a cocktail and look at the fields is highly recommended. Vietnam travel tours

An ordinarily and simply scene in Mai Chau

An ordinarily and simply scene in Mai Chau-source: internet

If you are a big fan of trekking, Mai Chau is the best choice for you every time in the year but not in July. Only day tours and short treks are recommended to those travelling to Mai Chau that time. The sky is clean with 7 hours sunshine per day, the degree is around 35. Its convenient position next to mountain, Mai Chau offer wide selection of trekking from easy level to multi-day challenge trekking tours. Seeing the lovely mountains, rice paddies and streams is unforgettable. Lac and Boom Coong villages are the most attractive destinations for trekking. If you are more adventurous, getting off your car in the national road and start your trek hiking to H’mong or Dao village. In July, it is the period of time when student finish their study and have 1 month for relaxing. That’s why many young people who love outdoor and adventure activities choose Mai Chau as the best destination to challenge themselves.

The happiness on the tourist’s faces when visiting Mai Chau

The happiness on the tourist’s faces when visiting Mai Chau -source: internet

Another choice for you if you’re worrying about hot weather in July is take part in some boat tours in Mai Chau. Being considered as the heart of beautiful valley, is a world away from the hustle of Hanoi, Mai Chau has both mountains and rivers is the great place even though in hot weather. Throw away the bustle life in Hanoi, coming to Mai Chau, boat a trip on Hoa Binh lake and enjoy fresh air and take part in the fishing activity with the locals. When you’re tired, nothing is better then taking a break in the stilt of Muong ethnic and taste the local foods here. I bet that you’re very excited when imagining about this.

Kayaking in Mai Chau

Kayaking in Mai Chau- source: internet

Left a bustle life behind, Mai Chau as a real heaven for tourists who want to explore a new land and immerse with natural landscape and living style. Although it is a tourism destination but it still keeps the original beauty and cultural values. Let’s contact us right now via to have the best service.

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