Tips to travel in Yangon by bike

Cycling in Burma can be fun, especially around the area of Yangon. Slowly riding on roads to any attractions in Yangon and seeing the local life are actually so exciting.
You desire a cycling trip in Yangon but do not know where to begin, the following tips on how to rent a bike, where to go and how to have an amazing cycling time are worth your time.

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How can I get a bike in Yangon?

The easiest way to start a cycling trip is renting a bike yourself. Bikes can be rented from your hotel. But if it does not offer, it is not too difficult to rent a bike as there are several stores having bikes rented for tourists, allocated close to Israeli Embassies. These stores also sell many famous brands of bikes including Trek BMW, Giant and etc.. It takes about US$15-20 for a day of renting a mountain bike. In particular, Bike World Explores Myanmar (BWEM) is popular to tourists in Burma.

Travelling by bike with BWEM

Travelling by bike with BWEM-source:

Taking your favorite bike with you to Yangon is not impossible. All you need to aware is the packaging of your bike on taking it on board. It can require you the negotiation skill to pass through immigration control.

A typical crowed street in Yangon

A typical crowed street in Yangon-source:

As the need for travelling around Yangon by bike goes up, the supply of agency offering Yangon cycling tours increase. It is now extremely easy to book a cycling trip across Burma, but not Yangon only. Each agency has their own schedule for tours and charge different prices. So you can have a look at their site before making the choice.

Purchasing a bike for a cycling trip seems a little bit strange, however, this option is also widely favored by foreign tourists as they are able to save on travelling to all over Burma but not just the area.

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Where in Yangon can be reached by bike?

The answer is all the attractions. The must-visits include famous pagodas such as Shwedagon Paya, Sule Paya and Chaukhtatgyi Paya. Moreovers, tourists visit Yangon cannot skip the huge market called Bogyoke Aung San for souvenirs and food. Another address to have the best evening is Chinatown, located to the west of Sule Paya.

Reclining Buddha in Chaukhtatgyi Paya

Reclining Buddha in Chaukhtatgyi Paya-source:

Riding to Kandawgyi Park will actually bring you the best experiences. The park contains nice lakes and restaurants with lake view. This peaceful place promises to take you out of the crowded and hectic city of Yangon.

Monks walking along Kandawgyi lake

Monks walking along Kandawgyi lake-source:

What should I prepare for a cycling trip?

Like any other cycling trip in South East Asia you can do, riding requires your energy for the whole day under the sun, especially in the extreme hot of summer months. Besides, understanding the traffic laws in Burma and observing how Burmese ride to get familiar with that before you start your own journey. In addition, arranging all your destinations ahead will save your time in here and helps you avoid finding rest stops for meals.

Food stalls in Yangon

Food stalls in Yangon-source:

So these are the three common questions for planning a cycling journey. Are you now more confident on having your own bike trip in one of the biggest cities of Burma?  This city is always there for you to explore!

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