“Top acoustic coffee shops in Saigon, Vietnam “

Use only or mainly used for carpentry or classical musical instruments, no microphones or audio aids, rustic coffee culture is becoming typical in Saigon. When there is no gap between the artist and the sound board, you will see the emotions are chatting with authentic music – the sounds of nature. Indochina tours

  1. Mam café

With the icon of a round aluminum tray, a familiar items in the Vietnamese family meal, Mam café was born with this desire will be the meeting place of those who love to relax at the cafe.

Mam café

Mam café – source: youtube.com

Mam café in the small street of Phu Nhuan district. With its simple design, the decorative details associated with childhood décor you will feel the coffee tray is a cozy space as a small family, everyone gathered together to chat or to enjoy their melodious music at the bar.

  1. Hoang coffee shop

Hoang coffee shop was inspired by the style Cottage, the small house where the abandoned European country. Therefore, Bewildered a classic. This is your idea of an architecture student is also the owner Hoang. Vietnam tours packages

Hoang coffee shop

Hoang coffee shop – source: banchanviet.net

Located in an alley quite loud on Le Van Sy street, Hoang coffee shop has a relatively small space, but it is decorated, divided into three areas completely: high chair area, sitting area, small area upstairs sunk. The space is decorated mainly with wood and stone. Light levels and woody flavors coffee to make up the feeling of relaxation for any other visitor to the shop.

  1. House No. 7

House No. 7 as a way station for everyone … A rustic cafe space, warm … A little attic retreated when life goes fast … just sing to each other a little corner near and heard enough just enough experience (Periodically: at 5th and Sunday night).

House No. 7

House No. 7 – source: foody.vn

Come to the house number 7 and take your own emotions.

  1. Acoustic café

Located at the end alley on the way Ngo Thoi Nhiem street, Acoustic café bring you many different emotions. First impression is the feeling of a house with chic design, with shady trees sake all year round, with the seats being pressed on the glass square exudes the magical light.

Acoustic café

Acoustic café – source: ione.vnexpress.net

Acoustic not broad, adjacent seats, the layout of the restaurant is the same but with a bar “Acoustic” – rustic music, a demonstration of the new instrument do not use electronic devices, one where there is no gap between the artist, the sound of the piano and the audience, which came to hear, to feel and to live the rock, then the seat is not important. Guests willing to stand or sitting on the floor before the stage.

Come on top acoustic coffee shops in Saigon, Vietnam to feel and relax with the music.

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