Top attractions near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

These weekends, holidays  or  occasions friends, family picnic in Vietnam, you can refer to one of the attractions near Ho Chi Minh City:

  1. Long Thuan

Long Thuan tourist destination nestled on the banks of the Code River, a branch of the Dong Nai River with spacious cabana suites strung along the shore. Lush, Long Thuan cool under the canopy of mulberry leaves, rambutan, beam intestine, guava, pomelo, jackfruit, coconut water … Wild with thatched roofs, wooden floor, the design is quite isolated hut distancing comfortable for each activity group. Indochina tours in Vietnam

Kayak on a River in Long Thuan

Kayak on a River in Long Thuan – source:

Special attractions of Long Thuan are the services associated with the river front Tac. Dozens of little canoe, kayak, rowing … belly into a long row. Do your own excursions on the river, you can be an exciting adventure, you will be familiar with the mangrove apple sour, purple hyacinth blossoms ultramarine or visit the huge cage, the same for fish eat … What you like thrills, here also serves game windsurfing or jet skiing (must book in advance).

  1. Walking orchards and watch steppe

Summer, weekends Trung An Commune way the group helped put you drive into the orchards. If your group should bring picnic food because here no catering services for tourists, but if necessary, you can also “ask for help” help owners cook porridge pot garden chicken, duck soup with “affordable price alone – uncle said Ut gloating – but when in the garden to say before going to the dental market. “

Trung An garden

Trung An garden – source:

Want to watch prairie homeland Cu Chi, invite you to continue wanderings follow provincial highway 15, just bought purple flowers scenic roadside just breathe the fresh air. Asphalted road near the gate to the Company Dairy (Ben Duoc road), running on a passage in front of you will appear green pastures, untouched stretches.

  1. Thu Duc Stork Farm

Thu Duc Stork Farm has unspoiled natural scenery, but very beautiful. It is always a male resident heron thousands. Although yet to be invested, but a natural area located next to the city has always attracted many foreign delegations and the group of teachers and students to outdoor activities.

Thu Duc Stork Farm

Thu Duc Stork Farm – source:

  1. Tourist area “The Vietnam moment”

This is a complex of traditional craft villages with an area of ​​22.5 hectares of guerilla base, located next to the canal Scorpio, close to the Saigon River. Tourist resort consists of 30 items with country house, Sa Vietnam coffee table, floor Vong, Truong Son road, three zones representing three regions of the country. Besides the culinary culture zones, natural leisure island birds, handicraft market, a market in rivers, orchards…

A traditional corner in Tourist area "The Vietnam moment"

A traditional corner in Tourist area “The Vietnam moment” – source:

Here, the artisans, farmers, artisans… from many different ethnic groups come from different rural labor and production together in a typical traditional crafts such as weaving rattan, woven silk and brocade, ceramics, slowly hats, embroidery, making rice paper, engraving paintings, stone sculpture, wood sculpture, processed sugar, rice cultivation, nurseries grow orchids , ornamental plants, livestock.

Visit these sites, you will have a deep impression of the South Vietnam.

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