Top night markets to visit in Myanmar

Offering fascinating insights into the diversity of produce, heritage and culture of the country, the night markets in Myanmar are must-visit destinations on your trip to this country. Let’s visit night market in Myanmar with: Indochina tours Myanmar
Mandalay night market

Mandalay night market is paradise for foodie

Mandalay night market is paradise for foodie- source: internet

Very much a local market for Burmese people in Mandalay, Zay Cho night market, which is open in the evenings along the 84th street in Mandalay, is an unremarkable place for tourists to go shopping. Located close by a Zay Cho market open during the day, this local night market gives you one of the most authentic experiences in Myanmar. Here, you can meet young people come to buy the latest style fashion or buy and exchange language books. Those who want to get something typical for Burmese people can be satisfied at some stalls selling longyis (traditional Burmese skirt). However, no cheap price is expected here. The nearby Zeigyo shopping centre is where to go for a wider range of choices.

Desserts to try in Mandalay night market

Desserts to try in Mandalay night market- source: internet

Instead of finding something to buy, you can seek for something to eat. Local street food sold here are said to be the most excellent ones you can find in Mandalay. From a bowl of mohinga, pork skewers to a sweet glutinous rice cake and an iced yogurt drink, everything is mouthwatering. Just sit down on a plastic kid’s stool, enjoy any kinds of food on the stick you like with fresh chili, garlic and a couple of tasty dipping sauce and see the stall owner prepare meat for the new skewer batch! Zay Cho night market should be paradise for foodies. Myanmar travel tours

In spite of not being as busy, crowded and exciting as other night markets you have ever visited in other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Cambodia, Zay Cho night market in Myanmar has its own charm appealing to those who are really excited about exploring the local culture. Perusing the Mandalay night market is definitely well worth your time!

Anawrahta Road Night Market

Anawrahta Road Night Market

Anawrahta Road Night Market- source: internet

One of the busiest areas of the downtown Yangon, which is famous for its friendly yet overcrowded streets, jammed with its local vendors is this central night market – the Anawrahta Road Night market. Being the most central market in Yangon, Anawrahta Road has unique atmosphere because of the fresh produce and the poor lighting ranging from a dim fluorescent lights to a few candles.

It is such a sensory adventure to hop with activities and a spectacle of ready to eat cuisine under the dim light that you might not be able to exactly see what you are buying. It is such a fun spot to go shopping and a one-of-a-kind shopping experience! The market opens before the sun goes down when Burmese return home from work and spills out onto the road behind. Sold right on the roadsides are a lot of kinds of flowers and fresh fruit lining the streets such as durian and jack fruit; colorful piles of vegetables; the rows of delicious fried foods, fish, chicken and pork, bright wares as well as exotic sweets that beckon to all tourists.

Anawrahta Road - one of the most impressive night markets in Burma

Anawrahta Road – one of the most impressive night markets in Burma- source: internet

The most temptations, especially for food and adventure lovers are many piles of salted fish and fried items skewered on a stick including crickets and any edible animal parts. Dine out here and see how brave you are! Just enjoy and finally, pay for the number of skewers you have gobbled up. If food adventure is not your thing, just simply stop for a while to watch the way the local vendors cook these dishes right in front of you or try coconut jelly. The Anawrahta Road might be one of the most impressive night markets you will see in Burma as well as Southeast Asia.

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