Top tips to buy souvenirs in Vietnam

Surely lots of people like to buy souvenirs back home for their beloved ones or just to keep them as memories. But it seems hard to shop in a new country because of language barrier and different styles of trading.

Are you impressed by over-crowded markets in Vietnam? Do you want to surprise your friends with several lovely souvenirs? So these are top tips to buy souvenirs in Vietnam.

  1. Bargain down

Travelers are easily attracted to crowed markets in Viet Nam. Shopping in these markets can bring you fun experiences. However, you should have the bargaining skill to get some good prices. So how much should you bargain and how to do it effectively are very popular concerns of tourists to Vietnam.

Magnets or mini standing statues are strongly favored

Magnets or mini standing statues are strongly favored – Source: Internet.

The first tip is not bargaining in the early morning. You should know that first customers are important to sellers in the markets or vendors. Because they believe if first customers easily choose and buy the goods, they will have a good day of sell-out. So they never expect you to bargain and do not discount when they just open their store! Secondly, you can ask for a lower price from the sellers on buying almost every stuff, from clothes to vegetable, in the markets as long as there is not any board writing “fixed prices”, “no bargaining” or “mien tra gia” in Vietnamese and no cash register. Thirdly, you should averagely argue for a discount up to 20-30% on the offered prices, basing on your budget and ability to win the sellers’ heart! Lastly, pretend (or really) walk away as a gesture showing that you can buy from other stores, which could make the sellers give in! You Can visit with Indochina travel

Brocade clothes is favored by foreign tourists to Vietnam

Brocade clothes is favored by foreign tourists to Vietnam – Source: Internet.

  1. Go around before you decide

This is because there are usually more than one stores selling the stuff you want to have. So going around can help you find the more beautiful one, more colors, more sizes and even a more reasonable price without bargaining. In addition, going around give you time to wonder if you truly love the stuff, in case you are just impressed at first sight and regret soon.

Glazed potteries may remind your time in Vietnam

Glazed potteries may remind your time in Vietnam– Source: Internet.

  1. Use apps to find best places

In Vietnam, it is popular to read reviews about stores before you go shopping. For instance, you plan to buy a handmade purse as souvenir, go online to find nearby stores. Well-known ones are usually mentioned and reviewed. And the exact address is also available. So it is such a smart choice for tourists to check online before you go to buy souvenir. Some apps actually work for your shopping in Vietnam is Tripadvisor, Foody, Facebook and etc..

Purses with brocade decoration are popular in Vietnam

Purses with brocade decoration are popular in Vietnam – Source: Internet.

  1. Check the origin

It is important for travelers in Vietnam to check the origin of the goods they tend to buy. Why? Because it would be easier for you to compare the price with the quantity. Typically, you will easily find products from such luxury brands as Channel, Dior, Levi’s, Gucci and etc. with surprising low prices. So for sure they are not genuine. In additions, products imported from other countries always have higher prices over the domestic ones.

A souvenir vendor in the Old Quarter of Hanoi

A souvenir vendor in the Old Quarter of Hanoi – Source: Internet.

  1. Exchange the currency

You need to know when shopping in Vietnam that purchases are always cheaper in VND than in other foreign currencies. Even though small stores accept USD or EUR, tourists should ask to pay in VND. So don’t forget to exchange your money before you go shopping. You can exchange your currency in banks or at the airport as there is no exchange counter in shopping mall. Besides, when in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, you can also change money at jewelry stores on Hang Bac Street.

Night market is a good place for your shopping

Night market is a good place for your shopping – Source: Internet.

So now you get top tips to buy souvenir in Vietnam. Don’t forget to bargain to get reasonable prices, go around before you decide, use apps to find the best places, check the goods’ origin and exchange money in advance to pay.

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