Travel to Kep, a unique city in the South Cambodia

Kep name is explained in French as Le Cap – meaning cape jutting into the sea. During the Khmer Rouge, the construction, the French resort of Kep city destroyed a lot, but still vestiges of a golden age of this beautiful coastal city. Indochina tours Cambodia

A famous symbol in Kep city

A famous symbol in Kep city – source:

The road around the sea in Kep long 5 – 6km. One side is the sea, a winding mountain leg to the top rop trees. Kep gentle sloping beach, waves gently, blue water. Many pairs of mountain resorts and accommodation after the beautiful beach of straw, leaves along the sea. The scene is peaceful, gentle. Along the road after the beach has the empty beaches with a lot of street vendors. Beach often crowded on weekends and pretty crowded on weekdays.

Srey Sor's statue

Srey Sor’s statue – source:

Chamotte Reangsey temple is the destination not to be missed in tour of Kep city. The pagoda is located 2km from the city center. This is a Cambodian temple with attractive architectural features. There Kep island “Bunny” from the center of the city about 30 minutes by train. Island beaches have white sand and coconut water in the sea, visitors can swim with snorkel around the rocks. Under the sea without coral but lots of fish. Tours In Cambodia

Kampot province

Kampot province – source:

Kampot province is far 25km from the city of Kep. Road through the mangroves to Kampot and alternating black stone. Kampot provincial capital is an ancient city located on the banks of the river small Chhou Teuk. Here there are many architectural relics from the French colonial period in the 100-year lifespan.

Bokor Hill Station

Bokor Hill Station – source:

Bokor Hill Station on Phnom Bokor (Bokor Mountain) is a complex of buildings, French colonial architecture on the mountain include hotels, casinos, churches, royal palaces… built in the beginning of 1920. In 1990s, it was such Bokor as “the most exotic places in the world” and “ghost town” because of looks and mysterious ruins of it.

Kampong Trach is a small town bordering Vietnam. Road from Kampot to the town will go through some scenic countryside. Currently there is a side road to Kampong Trach town go along the mountain Voar each is one of the last refuge of the Khmer Rouge. Attractions of this place are the limestone caves and tunnels leading to a nearby mountain. The temple was built in the cave so the tourists can take beautiful photos. Tourists visit this place should carry flashlights and hiking shoes.

Kampong Trach

Kampong Trach – source:

Kampot province about 12 kilometers is how Teuk Chhou streams. Broad streams, stretching, forming patches of forest and trees and streams should both parties kept fresh landscape and is an ideal spot to attract tourists. It is also a tourist destination to rest, explore the hot season of Kampot province.

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