Travel to Vientiane by bus

Located on the banks of the Mekong River near the border with Thailand, Vientiane, the capital and largest city of Laos, not only is now the economic centre of Laos but also experiences a major influx of tourists. You are wondering about a cheap and convenient way to travel to Vientiane, then traveling by bus is what you are looking for. Indochina tours Vietnam

Travel to Vientiane by bus

Travel in Southern Laos

Travel in Southern Laos -source: internet

Travel in Southern Laos-source: Internet

Vientiane has three bus stations: the Southern Bus Terminal, the Northern Bus Terminal and the Central Bus Station, to further complicate the already arduous task of overland travel in Laos.

Central Bus Station

Situated so close to the morning market, the Central Bus Station (also referred to as Talat Sao or Khou Din station), is a bustling hub offering bus services for Vientiane, municipalities and several Laos’ farther destinations and northern Thailand.

A fleet of white and green white air-conditioned public transit style buses runs routes throughout the city, such as:

The point of bus stop from Talat Sao Bus Station to provinces

The point of bus stop from Talat Sao Bus Station to provinces- source: internet

  • Bus #29 leaves for the Southern Bus Terminal (Dong Dok) every 10 to 20 minutes and is expected to cost 4,000 kip.
  • Bus #14, which departs frequently, roughly every 10 to 20 minutes, from 05:35 am to 05:30pm, is the cheapest way to get to the Friendship Bridge and Buddha Park (6,000 kip).

Although not actually going to it, a few buses (#3, #30, #49) pass the turn-off to the airport. Note that even though local buses are often marked with only numbers and Lao letters on the front windscreen, you can be directed to the right bus by the station staff. Be wary of tuk tuk drivers saying that you have already missed your bus.

You can also get a local bus to Pakse, Savannakhet or Vang Vieng. However, for these routes, the other terminals provide more frequent departures and far better buses. In the Central Bus Station, travelers also find convenient service to Khon Kaen, Udon Thani and Nong Khai in northern Thailand, with the buses which wait for passengers to clear passport control. ho chi minh city to phnom penh by boat

Northern Bus Station

Vientiane bus

Vientiane bus -source: internet

Located 8 km northwest from the city center, the Northern Bus Station which is sometimes referred to as the Luang Prabang bus station is the main departure point for Luang Prabang and all northern destinations together with buses to the southern China.

Although it will cost more to buy your ticket through a guesthouse or travel agency in Vientiane, pick-up from your accommodation and shuttle services to the bus station or departure point are included.

Northern bus station

Northern bus station- source: internet

Throughout the day, large minivans and buses bound for Luang Prabang depart regularly, at least one every couple of hours. Air-conditioned buses are comfortable while the VIP buses offer a bit extra space, a water bottle and snack. As saving time and money on accommodation, overnight air-conditioned sleeper bus is a favorite choice of most travelers.

Note: a single bed shared between two people is usually included in sleeper buses. You will certainly get cosy with a stranger if travelling solo. Normally, you will be paired up with someone of the same sex.

Southern Bus Terminal

 Southern Bus Terminal

Southern Bus Terminal -source: internet

For all destinations in southern Laos and international services to Cambodia and Vietnam, the Southern Bus Terminal (Dong Dok), which is located 11 km north of the downtown core, straight up Kaysone Phomvihane Avenue from Patuxai monument, is the main departure point. To take you there, a tuk tuk driver will ask for 50,000 kip. Alternatively, you can take the white and green city bus #29 from the Central Bus Station for 4,000 kip. Even though buying your bus ticket from a travel agency may cost more, transfer service to the station is included in it.

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