Useful experience for first time traveling Sapa

Sapa is one of the most beautiful destinations of heaven in the North of Vietnam. With the wonderful natural landscapes, magnificent terraces, and many other places of interest, Sapa has become an ideal destinations for all of you. Coming here, you will certainly be extremely surprised at how you can see such a beautiful arrival in the world. Therefore, your soul will be really relaxed and refreshed. Travel to Sapa with: Indochina travel Vietnam

However, a lot of tourists, especially the foreign visitors who have never come to Sapa before are embarrassed in the journey. The reason is that they don’t have any experience of exploring this land such as when to go, where to stay, what to eat and so on. Understanding that, we will supply you with some useful experience for first time traveling Sapa:

The best time to visit Sapa

Sapa has special weather condition which is cool all the year. Therefore, whenever you come to this destination, you can also have chance to contemplate the beautiful sceneries. However, the key is that what you want to see in Sapa and when is more convenient for you.

In spring, Sapa is full of beautiful flowers

In spring, Traveling Sapa is full of beautiful flowers – source: internet

In spring, Sapa is like a giant picture of peach flower, plum flower and many other unnamed kinds of flower. However, these flowers can only bloom when the weather is suitable. Therefore, if you want to travel Sapa to contemplate the beauty of flower, you should visit this destination from February to April, or the beginning of May.

In summer, Sapa has another kind of landscape which is very unique. It is the colorful terraces of ethnic people. The rice will be green from July to September. It will turn to yellow from October to December. At these time, Sapa looks like a great carpet which covers a big area.

The beauty of Sapa seen from above in summer

The beauty of Sapa seen from above in summer – source: internet

In winter, the temperature in Sapa can reach -10 Degree Celsius. On this condition, the snow falls and covers anything. However, at that time, there are some unique landscapes in Sapa for you to contemplate such as the ethnic house full of snow, mountain with white snow and so on. Therefore, visiting Sapa in winter is also an interesting choice.

The unique landscapes in Sapa in winter

The unique landscapes in Sapa in winter – source: internet

How to get to Sapa?

If you love backpack tour, motorbike is certainly a wonderful vehicle for you. From Hanoi, you pass Yen Bai, Lao Cai and finally Sapa. Because almost roads are national ways, it will not very difficult for you when driving. The distance between Hanoi and Sapa is about 400 kilometers. Therefore, you need to prepare food and drink as well as the fuel. Vietnam travel tours

Motorbike is an ideal vehicle for you to explore Sapa

Motorbike is an ideal vehicle for you to explore Sapa – source: internet

Moreover, you can get to Sapa by train or coach. This way is also quite interesting. You can contemplate the natural beauties on your route through the window. And whenever you feel sleepy, you can go to sleep without worrying of driving. However, the train only takes you to Lao Cai station. From that, you have to get on coach or hire motorbike to come to Sapa. As normal, foreign tourists will hire a motorbike to get to Sapa to enjoy the fresh air during the route. The average price for hiring a motorbike is about 150,000 Vietnam dong per day.

Where to stay in Sapa?

Almost hotels in Sapa have good view to nature

Almost hotels in Sapa have good view to nature – source: internet

The system of accommodation in Sapa can be divided into 3 areas: some near the lake, some near Cau May- Muong Hoa area, some in the center of Sapa town. The average price for accommodation in Sapa depends on each period of time a year. For example, in tourism season, the price can be raised. However, in general, it is acceptable. Some famous hotels are Amazing Sapa, Sapa View (3 stars), Victoria Sapa (4 stars), Sapa Elegance (2 stars), Sapa Lodge (3 stars) and so on.

Homestays in Sapa are wonderful accommodations for you

Homestays in Sapa are wonderful accommodations for you- source: internet

Besides modern hotels, Sapa is also very famous for unique homestays. In this kind of accommodation, you will have chance to experience daily life of ethnic people, traditional culture of the natives and many other exciting experiences.

It can be said that Sapa will be certainly an ideal destination for you to travel. Spending time traveling Sapa this arrival, you can learn more about Vietnamese ethnic people, their tradition. Moreover, you can contemplate beautiful natural landscapes which can help you to open your eyes, open your mind.

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