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The unexpected harmony of spectacular pagodas and charming colonial architecture; the colorful dissonance of market streets where they sell silks and silver next to cilantro and roasted fish; the terraced rice fields and uttermost villages are exactly the fascination of the South East Asia. Go on a bike tour through the garden districts of Hue and among the peaceful rustic villages in Laos to experience Indochina on an unforgettable adventure that pleases your curiosity to best fit each location. Indochina tours Laos


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Currently regarded as the hippest destination in Asia, throughout the Asia, the name Laos is being cooed among backpackers as some fabulous, mystic, gap of tourists destination. As beautiful as it is, many regions are becoming an extended stretch from Thailand. For those who really want to admire the beauty of Laos, spend time and effort getting to the hill tribe areas in the north is necessary. Laos is such an amazing destination, especially the northern region. All in all, you may see more tourists than in Thailand in Luang Prabang and Vientiane. Spending the time and attempt traveling farther afield you will have a brand new experience, but remember that transport is hard work.

On your itinerary, Hanoi, a splendid city having a blend of colonial architecture and lilting pagodas is a must-visit destination. Promenade through the attracting Old Quarter, where businessmen moderate over everything from silk and clothes to street food. Joining in an excellent performance of traditional water puppetry before tracing the life of Ho Chi Minh at his mausoleum and his traditional stilt house is an interesting thing to do.

Ride a bike in Laos

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Luang Prabang, a World Heritage site, which is an outstanding blend of Buddhist temples and unique colonial buildings, nestled in jungle-covered hills at the crossing of the Mekong and Nam Khan Rivers must be on your ideal places to go list. Once coming here, do not forget to visit these breathtaking shrines of this city such as Wat Xieng, Wat May, and Wat Visoun. In the evening, do not miss a chance to join with a local family for a Buddhist Baci ceremony coming with dinner in their home.

Simple trek in Vietnam

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Leave by private mini size van to the village of Ban Nong Heo to enjoy time discovering this peaceful Khmu village, with a large number of traditional houses, water buffaloes and ducks swimming around, and seeing how the hard-working farmers and master alchemists completing their daily tasks. Spend time for a comfortable trek in the countryside, walking through hill forests and plantations, with spectacular viewpoints on the way. Reach Ban Thapene, a village at the ground of Kuang Sy Waterfalls for a short rest or a dip in the turquoise waters and picnic lunch.

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