Is it wise to go trekking in Sapa in December?

With a chance to gain basic understanding of local residents’ lifestyle and to admire amazing view on your way, Sapa is the place to go for those who are looking to trek through the rice terraces of Northern Vietnam. Let’s explore Sapa with: Indochina travel tours

Trekking – one of the most exciting activities to experience in Sapa

Trekking – one of the most exciting activities to experience in Sapa

Trekking – one of the most exciting activities to experience in Sapa- source: internet

It is certain that the mountainous picturesque town of Sapa, which is favored with lovely beauty and ideal conditions to grow a wide range of fauna and flora, is one of the best places to experience trekking in Vietnam. From easy routes like walking around the town center, paying a visit to one of these tribal villages to the more difficult ones like conquering to the top of Fansipan at the height of 3,143 meters above sea level, Sapa offers different trekking routes suitable for travelers of all skill levels. No matter how hard these routes are and how exhausted you will feel, the postcard created by great valleys, enormous green/yellow terraced rice fields and various fantastic attractions on the trekking routes deserve your effort.

Is December a suitable time to experience trekking in Sapa?

If you are lucky, you can visit Sapa when it snows

If you are lucky, you can visit Sapa when it snows- source: internet

December marks the beginning of winter in Sapa, which lasts until February. During that time, the temperatures decrease with only few sunny days making it very cold, especially when the night falls, sometimes even leading to snow. However, in spite of the rather cold weather, an amazing opportunity to see the spectacular sunrise over the valleys in the early morning makes it good time to visit this mountainous town. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to visit Sapa when it snows, you will certainly see the most romantic scene of this picturesque town. The temperatures dropping below freezing point makes the whole town covered with ice. What a stunning scene to contemplate! For this reason, at that time of the year, Sapa often attracts a large number of both Vietnamese and foreign travelers, who come to witness once-of-a-lifetime experience. Vietnam holidays

What to expect when going trekking in Sapa?

Magnificent panoramic scenery from the top of Fansipan

Magnificent view from Fansipan

Magnificent view from Fansipan- source: internet

The top of Fansipan, which is the hardest trekking route in Sapa and the dream of many young Vietnamese, can challenge even experienced trekking lovers. After spending few days completing this hike, you will be awarded with magnificent panoramic view of Sapa from the top of the mountains.

Immerse yourself with Vietnam’s culture by staying at a local’s home

Sapa homestay-a chance to mingle with Vietnamese

Sapa homestay-a chance to mingle with Vietnamese- source: internet

A chance to spend a night in a Vietnamese village community, to experience all the sights and sounds of a remote part of this country is the main reason why many trekkers go to Sapa. A homestay, which not all rural people have ever experienced, is the best way to mingle with the Northern Vietnamese culture. In spite of the lack of comfortable accommodation: a hot shower, a clean bathroom, a mattress on the floor together with a mosquito net for guests, this whole experience is great like a world away from your daily stressful life as you stay with the natives, try cooking Vietnamese dishes, have meals with them, sample their rice wine and simple but fresh Vietnamese food! Let’s enjoy unforgettable time with the sweetest hosts!

Which is better choice: hike alone or hire in a group?

Have a guide with you is not a bad idea

Have a guide with you is not a bad idea- source: internet

Discovering the whole area might not be a big matter to experienced hikers but those wanting to get great achievement climbing Fansipan at the height of 3,000 meters, the highest mountain in the S-shaped country, even the local guides are required to have a license to do so. Though following well-worn trails to enjoy all that the hills and valleys have to offer with the help of a readily-available map is fairly easy, trekking in a group with a guide should be the best way to fully appreciate the beauty of this charming town. The experienced guides, who know this area so well, can show you something special that you have never imagined. Not only this region’s history but also these interesting stories about the locals, these tourist sites will be told.

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