Yangon and the must-explore experiences

Yangon is an interesting tourist destination for many foreign tourists with shimmering golden pagodas, unique colonial architecture and busy streets dotted with vendors selling foods, fruits, gadgets and all sorts of interesting things. If you are planning a travel to Myanmar, Yangon should be on your list of destinations in this country. Below are 5 guides for what to do in Yangon to make your trip to Yangon perfect. Indochina travel

Catch sunset at Shwedagon Pagoda

There is no doubt that Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the most important religious sites in Yangon and all of Myanmar. The pagoda is built on an elevated hill, as a result, you can see it from a distance when you travel around within Yangon. The best time to visit it is after 4 pm when the sun slowly goes down to walk around and admire the beauty in the day light. Find a place to sit and enjoy the sunset while your mind relaxes listening to chimes of the temple bells. Specially, this atmosphere will become majestic when darkness descends and everything lights up. This will be an unforgettable image in your lifetime.

Wonderful sunset at Shwedagon Pagoda

Wonderful sunset at Shwedagon Pagoda- Source: www.panoramio.com

Visit Chinatown- Yangon

If you are considering what to do in Yangon, visiting Chinatown should be on your list of things to do. Chinatown lies west of the Sule Pagoda, which is located in the center of downtown Yangon. It includes a variety of restaurants, gold, jewelry stores, network game centers, cyber café, clothing shops and mini-markets. Chinatown is one of the busiest and most action packed areas of town, especially in the evening when the sides of the streets are full of food vendors selling everything such as steaming dishes and snacks, fruits and flowers, short snacks and sizzling fries and so on.

Chinatown is one of the busiest areas of town

Chinatown is one of the busiest areas of town- Source: nickswanderings.com

The town stretches along the Sule Pagoda, the 24th, 23rd, 22nd, 20th, 19th, 18th street and Bo Ywe, Latha and Sint Oh Dan Road. Among them, 20th street is well-known for Chinese food like rice congee and grilled pork skewers. Also 19th street is a famous place for night life with many relaxing activities and diverse cuisine for both locals and foreign tourists to drink, eat and hang out.

Go to Inya Lake at night for a lakeside dinner

After taking walk around city, the last spot in your day in Yangon should be Inya Lake where you can spend time relaxing and having a dinner. This is a popular hangout area for Yangon’s youth who are usually sitting around the lake on the grass with their guitars and openly drinking beer. A good recommendation for you is that you can have a lovely dinner at a restaurant with a view of the lake. After dinner, it will be an interesting experience if you can head to the lawn area for a stroll and admire the Yangon’s beauty at night.

Enjoying a lakeside dinner is an interesting thing to do in Yangon

Enjoying a lakeside dinner is an interesting thing to do in Yangon- Source: drifterplanet.com

Sip a hot cup of tea at a roadside tea stall

Yangon is the home to a lot of tea stalls, therefore, it will be not complete tour if you don’t spend time visiting a roadside tea stall and sip tea in this city. Almost tea stalls in Yangon are located on every block and sidewalk.  It is very easy to see them from the distance thanks to their tiny plastic tables, stools and chairs which look like they are right out of a baby’s bedroom.

Sipping tea at a roadside tea stall should be on the list of what to do in Yangon

Sipping tea at a roadside tea stall should be on the list of what to do in Yangon- Source: www.thestar.com.my

Roadside tea stalls in Yangon usually serve 2 kinds of tea, including plain Chinese-style green tea and Indian-style chai. Enjoying a cup of hot tea and chatting with local people will offer you an insight into daily life of the local. And to experience this thing in a perfect way, you should do as the locals do and pour a few drops of hot green tea in your cup to rinse it before you drink the tea. Myanmar travel packages

Take a ride on Dala Ferry to visit Dala Village

Dala village is located on the southern bank of Yangon River across from city center of Yangon. It is only a 10-minute ferry ride away from Pansodan pier in downtown Yangon, so it is very easy for you to have a short journey to this village.

It takes only 10 minutes for a ferry ride to Dala village

It takes only 10 minutes for a ferry ride to Dala village- Source: www.adventuresofagoodman.com

Although it is very near Yangon, Dala village is still largely rural and undeveloped; therefore, a trip to Dala will give tourists a quick snapshot of rustic life in a small Myanmar village. In a brief ferry ride to Dala village, there are many local people selling various things such as clothes, cigarettes, combs, mirrors, bird eggs, fresh fruits and so much more. You can buy some of them as small souvenirs for your family and friends.

There is full of interesting things for the list of what to do in Yangon that you should try once in your trip. Hopefully, these experiences will offer you an unforgettable trip in Yangon.

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