10 special things you should do in Cambodia

Cambodia has considered as one of the most stunning Asian countries. If you are a traveller, you should not miss these 10 things to do here.

  1. Catching a tuk tuk

Probably, tuk tuks in Cambodia have been experienced as the world’s best and it should try once when travelling to Cambodia.

You can see tuk tuk in every road of Cambodia
You can see tuk tuk in every road of Cambodia

They are essential little cushioned chariots pulled around the male on a motorbike, which makes the driver separate with the passengers. Tuk tuks give travellers a chance to sit back, relax and sightsee the view of busy streets and beautiful landscapes around Cambodia. More than that, sitting on tuk tuk will be cooler than walking because of the speed. Cambodia Discovery 8D – 7N

  1. Visiting Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island (or Koh Tunsay) is the largest wild island in Kep – a beach city has been famous in the 1960s in Cambodia. Rabbit Island is a tiny island on the coast of Cambodia, covered with green and thick jungle, peaceful pure sandy beaches along with coconut trees and hammocks. Although here is not many corals, various kinds of fish can bring you hundreds of colorful theme near the beaches in island.

Rabbit Island is a place to get away from worries
Rabbit Island is a place to get away from worries

If you desire getting away of the Internet, no technologies, no crowd streets and nothing to worry, this place is for you to relax peaceful. Therefore, Rabbit Island is seen as one of the most wonderful locations to visit in Cambodia. Indochina tours Cambodia

  1. Tasting crab at Kep

Kep is for not only beautiful Rabbit Island but also tasty cuisine. Kep is very famous for crab. If you visit Kep, you should try crab once and it will amaze you a lots.

Crab is so fresh because the chef will catch a fresh one after you order
Crab is so fresh because the chef will catch a fresh one after you order

The crab is very fresh and delicious. When customers order a dish of crab at a restaurant along the shore, they can sometimes watch the chef wading into the water to catch a crab from one of many traps to bring to cook.

  1. Sightseeing Sakura Japanese Thrift Store

          In case, you are interested in vintage clothes or bargain and lovely stuffs, Sakura Thrift Store would satisfy you, honestly. Some stores hidden around in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, where you can find thousands of interesting and charming clothes, bags, accessories, shoes; also, all of them are very cheap for everyone here. It averages $0.25 USD.

5. Eating Amok

Amok is one of the tastiest traditional Khmer in Cambodia, which you should write on list things to do in Cambodia. It made with meat or fish, lemon grass and a little coconut milk (some has different ingredients with mysterious tastes).

Amok is a tasty traditional Khmer in Cambodia
Amok is a tasty traditional Khmer in Cambodia

Almost restaurants have Amok so you can experience amok in a coconut with rice. This food so try this to give a comment.

6. Relaxing stunning beaches at Sihnoukville Province

Sihanoukville, a deep-water port city, locates in the south-west of Cambodia. This location has Ochheuteal Beach, Serendipity Beach, Otres Beach, Sokha Beach Independence Beach and several other stunning beaches.

Sihanoukville Province has various beautiful beaches
Sihanoukville Province has various beautiful beaches

The beaches are clean, long strip of white sand along with hundreds of restaurants and hotels to serve you. More than that, you can have sunbath and relax with fruity drinks. Additional, there are some boats to visit other islands and go snorkeling for adventurous travellers.

  1. Tasting Tarantulas
Tarantula looks like delicious and favorite in Cambodia
Tarantula looks like delicious and favorite in Cambodia

Fried Tarantula (a-ping or spider), is a “sweet” favorite food for Cambodian people. In the first time, this food  The ladies believe it makes them beautiful and I think the kids just like the thrill of it all. Either way it’s there and you can eat it. You can find some vendors selling it on the streets and also in some restaurants in Phnom Penh. This might not be one of my favorite things to do in Cambodia, but hey, it might be yours.

8. Catching a giant Ibis bus

You are travellers and you desire visiting many locations around Cambodia, one of the most must do is catching a giant Ibus bus to satisfy your needs with cheap prices. Giant Ibis Bus Service is very professionally impressive to passengers. The buses are clean, new, spacious, free wifi and they excite you with very cheap price to go anywhere you want to visit in Cambodia.

9. Visiting The Killing Fields

The Killing Fields is seen as one of must-see locations when travelling to Cambodia. It locates far 30 km from the city. The Killing Fields is where the Khmer killed and buried more than one hundred Cambodian people. Until now, this is considered as a place to memorize those dead people. You can go sightseeing and hear guidance via audio to learn more about this famous landscape. Some old passengers suggested that you should bring more tissues, in case.

10. Sightsee Angkor Archaeological Park

Obviously, Angkor is one of the most famous landscapes that attracts tourists in all over the world. This park is outside Siem Reap whose locations have tons of ancient temple ruins.

Angkor Archaeological Park is obvious to visit because of its fame and unique temples ruins
Angkor Archaeological Park is obvious to visit because of its fame and unique temples ruins

To get this park, you can catch a tuk tuk or taxi to be ready for sightseeing lovely day. More than that, riding elephant or helicopter could be interesting to see those temples.

These days, various tourists tend to travel to Cambodia but those 10 special things to do in Cambodia would make them have unforgettable journey.

Travel lovers.

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