Best Cambodia beach resorts for perfect Cambodia tour in 2023

Cambodia might not be the flash idea when they talk about beach destinations. Yet not many people know that beaches in Cambodia are as beautiful as Thailand’s islands, and far less crowded. While the beach town Sihanoukville is now full of constructions, not one sleeps well at night without hearing the noise, the pristine islands are ideally for sun-sea-sand seekers. These untouched islands are mostly accessible via Sihanoukville, using ferry or speedboat. But no worries about how to book the sea transportations as those are normally included in the hotel/resorts’ rate. In the heaven of beach resorts, one thing should be the top priority – where to stay? You may follow this short guide for the best Cambodia beach resorts, selected by heart.


Cambodia beaches
The stunning scenery of Cambodia beaches

Koh Rong island

This is the largest island in the Koh Rong Archipelago, also the most developed one for tourism which appeals to several travelers from around the world. Long beach (so-called Soksan beach), Lonely beach, etc. are the hot names with plenty of choices for resorts. Here below are some:

1. The Royal Sands Koh Rong – the 5-star beach resort: you are just a minute-walking away to the 550-meter pristine, soft, white sandy beach – a private area for in-house guests only. In the style of luxurious villa, there are more than 60 units for friends, couples, and especially families as they have 2 to 3-bedroom pool villas. This is one of the very few resorts in Koh Rong island offering private speedboat only for their guests. Others may hire local/public speedboats.


The Royal Sands Koh Rong
The Royal Sands Koh Rong

2. Sok San Beach Resort: “into nature” is the main theme of this unique resort. It is providing guests a stay in pavilions and wooden chalets. Each of the room does have a balcony area where the guests can stay chill while looking at the beach or emerging in its tropical garden.


Sok San Resort
Chalet in Sok San Resort

3. Ariya Resort: for those who love bungalows, this is what you are looking for. The lovely bungalows nestled in the green garden would bring you all the privacy you want for a honeymoon. The private beach area is so close to finding.

Koh Rong Saloem

Koh Rong Saloem is a smaller yet more peaceful neighbor of Koh Rong island. Saracen Bay, the longest beach, is set up with tourism purposes with some beach bars and seafood barbecues. But for those who find peace in the no-where, Lazy Beach is the best choice. Head to the west side of the island, you can spoil yourself with a beach paradise with turquoise water, less visited.

1. Sara Resort: one of the cleanest resorts on this untouched island, with professional staff. It is more suitable for those who find the relaxing vibe with a specific standard of services. Other than that, there are other cheaper bungalows which are also good for low budgeters.

2. Tube Resort: the uniqueness is all of their rooms are private bungalows in the garden but in a tube shape. Imagine the inside is like you are living in one of the houses in Santorini – Greece.


Tube resort
The private bungalows in Tube resort

Song Saa Private island

Being an idyllic desert island without human discovery, Song Saa was visited by Rory and Melita Hunter – an Australian couple in 2005. Then the private luxurious resort was finally opened in 2012 inspired by the Cambodian fishing villages found throughout the Koh Rong Archipelago. It aims to improve local livelihoods and preserve the region’s marine life and rainforests. So that is why travelers have a chance to see how coral is grown and experience the local mangrove forests.

This island is located just 45 minutes away from the Sihanoukville if you transport by the speedboat. Song Saa’s luxury 27 villas were all built with sustainable materials and furnished with a refined grace that reflects the natural environment. Each and every villa has its own swimming pool which brings you the utmost privacy.


Song Saa Private Island
The amazing view of Song Saa Private Island from above

With all that benefits a private island brings you, the price is also the highest among all other places in Cambodia; starting from a thousand USD per night – totally high-end!


Kep is a beach town that is located pretty close to Vietnam. For some adventure lovers, cross the border and enter Cambodia by waterway is one of the interesting highlights. To get to Kep Cambodia, firstly you will need to transfer by speedboat from Phu Quoc island to Ha Tien. From Prek Chak checkpoint, drive to Kep city via Kampot which takes about 2.5 hours.

Samanea Resort: nestled in the only botanical park in Kep, with a wild mangrove and the longest pier in the region, Samanea offers you garden/sea view villas in traditional Khmer style. Not only bringing the vibe of living in the woods, Samanea lets the travelers feel like they are staying at home with a spacious living room area, comfy bedding, the warming lighting & family-friendly villas. With an aim to protect the environment, Samanea put “plastic elimination” first on their list using corn straws, aluminum water bottles, and natural/chemical-free cleaning products.


Samanea Resort
Long jetty at Samanea Resort

Suggested Cambodia tours

Not far from the beach, the Cambodia beach resorts offer panoramic sea views and a spectacular view of sunset and sunrise. These beach resorts also provide fine services and modern amenities for you to have a complete trip to Cambodia beaches. Visiting the beaches in Cambodia is now still appealing as most of them are untouched, so come leave your footprint before it gets crowded.


Daniel Nguyen – Travel Specialist

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