4 must – try experiences when traveling in Cambodia

Cambodia is a tourist destination that provides a lot of wonderful moments for tourists with many stunning landscapes, attractive cuisine and unique culture. If Cambodia is a next destination in your holiday, you should not miss chance to make 4 experiences in this land including: exploring Kulen Mountain, watching sunset on Phnom Krom hilltop, visiting a Buddhist temple and exploring Angkor by bike.

Exploring Kulen Mountain

Kulen mount is situated at north east of Angkor Complex about 50 kilometers, it takes approximately 2 hours drive up to the hill top with 487 meters height and plateau stretches 30 kilometers length. Kulen is considered by Khmers to be the most sacred mountain in Cambodia and it is a popular place for domestic visitors during weekends and festivals. The hill is used as the ancient capital city by king Jayavaraman II in AD 802 to declare himself as god king and announced independence from Java, then giving birth to present day Cambodia. Indochina tours in Cambodia

Wild beauty of Kulen Mountain
Wild beauty of Kulen Mountain

On the hilltop, there are 56 Angkorian temples made of bricks and volcanic stones, but most of them are badly in poor condition, today name Hahendrapura, founded in the reign of King Jayavarman temple base only is remain intact.

Therefore, it is very interesting to conquer Kulen Mountain with a bike or walk through forests with pristine beauty and enjoy surrounding views of the ancient capital of Angkor on the mountain.

Watching sunset on Phnom Krom hilltop

Phnom Krom hilltop area provides magnificent panoramic views of the Great Lake Tonle Sap, the surrounding countryside and Siem Reap town. When visiting Phnom Krom, you will have a short trek up the 137 meters high hill. Once on top of the hill, the view of Tonle Sap Lake is absolutely breathtaking. Since Phnom Krom is located outside the main Angkor area, it should be toured in conjunction with Tonle Sap Lake. tours in Cambodia

Sunset view on top of Wat Knang Phnom Krom overlooking rice fields
Sunset view on top of Wat Knang Phnom Krom overlooking rice fields

Phnom Krom’s towers look especially majestic in the late afternoon hours. The rays of the setting sun illuminate the temple’s orange, red, and salmon-colored stone, creating a wonderful blend of natural landscape and man-made beauty.

Visiting a Buddhist temple

Buddhists have a profound influence on the culture of Cambodia, so your journey would not seem complete without visiting any temple. Spring is also a great time for you to return to the serenity of mind, restoring vitality with this last source of meditation in the temple and contemplate the good things of Buddhism – a religion in the planet best of humanity.

Your journey would not seem complete without visiting any temple
Your journey would not seem complete without visiting any temple

Exploring Angkor by bike

Escaping the crowds, the busy roads and the well worn trail at Angkor, cycling the small tracks and minor roads to see a different side of the Angkor Temples will be a interesting experience in your Cambodian tours.

Exploring Angkor by a bike is an exciting experience
Exploring Angkor by a bike is an exciting experience

Unlike muddy rainy season, in sunny spring, roads to Angkor also become dry and clean as ever. Therefore, cycling on the bike, running across the shady paths will give you the chance to enjoy moments of relaxation with your friends on the road looking for mysterious ancient capital.

Let’s experience these activities in your Cambodia trip. Surely, they will make your trip more wonderful and perfect.

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