5 tips to choose Vietnam tour packages from Canada for Christmas 2018

Christmas is the most beautiful time to visit Vietnam with a pleasant, mild climate in every region. Therefore, Vietnam is an ideal destination for foreign travelers on this holiday. There are 5 tips for you to choose the best Vietnam tour packages from Canada for next Christmas.

The best place to spend Christmas in Vietnam


Streets in big cities are sparkly decorated for Christmas visual
Streets in big cities are sparkly decorated for Christmas visual

But where you will go to Vietnam is another question you have to find the answer. Friends’ references, articles, travel blogs, etc. are some of many sources that you can search for the review of traveling in Vietnam.

Christmas in Vietnam comes in winter, so the place you choose to visit will base on the purpose of the trip and your interest as well. If you want to enjoy the cold weather with white snow, wonderful landscape, you can go to some famous tourist attractions in the North of Vietnam such as Sapa, Ha Giang, Moc Chau, Mau Son. Locating in high mountain areas, places usually at the top of the list where people traveling Vietnam in winter. Not only foreigners but also Vietnamese enjoy these places because of the weather, landscape, people & unique culture that you cannot find at anywhere else. View detail a North Vietnam tours in a week with us now.


Travel to Sapa is one of the most favourite Vietnam tour packages for foreigners
Travel to Sapa is one of the most favorite Vietnam tour packages for foreigners

If your purpose is simply discovering Christmas in another country, you can visit some big cities such as Hanoi, Da Nang… Streets, churches are well-decorated, and many people go out to join the exciting spirit of the whole city in this holiday. Not only enjoying Christmas moments but you also can visit some places that create the history of these cities. They are Hoan Kiem Lake and The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Duc Ba Church & Nguyen Hue Flower Street in Saigon; Ba Na Hill & Han River. Of course, if your time is not too limited, you can visit all these places as mentioned.

Know what you need before traveling to Vietnam

Where and how to go depending on what you need. If you are a senior traveler or you are traveling with an elderly person, then safety and comfort should be one of your majorities. In this case, you should choose a place that you do not have to move too much, or take part in multiple activities such as walking, rowing.

In contrary, young people usually have a tendency of discovering attractions, wild areas to save special moments and exceed their own limit. Some others might love taking photos of the landscape because of their photography hobby. Of course, there are elderly people who have the same hobby as young people. Consequently, choosing places and method of traveling depend a lot on what you and your partners need.


Beautiful landscape in Vietnam is believed to satisfy every foreign tourists
Beautiful landscape in Vietnam is believed to satisfy every foreign tourist

Early booking for good services

After choosing an agency, you must contact them right away for a customized tour matching your request. Moreover, the earlier you book the tour, the more money you can save. Early booking also helps you avoid the full booking. It is because of the long holiday season for Christmas and New Year, the demand for Vietnam tour packages from Canada at this time might be huge.

Before going on a trip, you usually have to arrange your work, your other plans, and prepare a lot such as money, identifications, etc. Furthermore, if you make a plan for your trip soon, you will have more time to invite more people to join in, and they also have time to prepare for the trip as well. Adding people on the trip also helps the price get lower and your family and friends are closer.


Travel in group is usually more interesting and makes cost savings
Travel in the group is usually more interesting and cost savings

Find a reputed travel agency

If this will be the first time you visit Vietnam, going on a tour is better than travel by yourselves. As you do not have to think about accommodation together with where to go in each place, how to move between places or what to eat.

In Vietnam, you can find hundreds of travel agencies that can help you build up an A-Z tour. But which one with the ability to give you the best Vietnam tour packages is a matter that you have to consider a lot. With each agency, you should read the review of previous travelers on their website or Tripadvisor. Besides, you can research some tours they have built for other groups to compare with your demand and of course, your budget.

Other ways to choose a prestige travel agency are referring your friends’ recommendations. On Facebook, there are people who usually write detail reviews about their trips with photos of places, or reviews about hotels, restaurants, & travel agencies. You can also interact with the reviewers to get more information. After researching and comparing all the options, you can choose the best travel agencies for your own.

Do research on culture

No matter where you go, your knowledge about local culture will give you memorable experiences. Therefore, your travel to Vietnam will be unforgettable with Vietnamese local people, food, music & history. People said that Vietnam culture has been heavily influenced by many other cultures over the past thousand years. Thus its diversity and unique will give you the best experience that you have ever had.

People say: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Therefore, researching some anciently traditional culture is a must when coming to Vietnam. For example, if you visit a house of Mong people (an ethnic minority of Vietnam) in a mountainous area, seeing fresh leaves put in front of the door, you will be impossible to go inside because this is a sign of a funeral in that family. Moreover, you should be local to enjoy things that you do not have many chances to enjoy in other countries such as local food, local transport, a local language. The more you know about the culture, the better the trip will become.

Therefore, Vietnam cultural highlight tour 14 days might be an ideal option for your Vietnam tour packages from Canada for Christmas 2018.


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