Adventure travel guide in the winter in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country with many wonderful places to go. This is the reason why that you can not choose a place for your trip easily. So we suggest some suitable places for you in the winter that you can consider for the future plan in Vietnam. Indochina travel Vietnam

  1. Sapa

Sapa is the best place for you if you want to feel the different of the cold in a typical tropical country. There are some old and modern villas and France road here and they are became more mystery and beautiful with the soft foggy and white snow. You can feel sometimes lost in a old city in the 17th century.


Go around the street, you can see the heat from food and fire. The people here is very friendly and wear unique clothes. They play flute, khen, dan moi… to make the city more interesting with amazing sounds. There are many tourists from Vietnam and oversea come here in the winter. Taste some local food and drink a cup of hot tea, relax and you will have a great experience in Sapa, Vietnam. Vietnam travel packages

  1. Ba Vi

Ba Vi is another choice for your trip in the winter in Vietnam. Ba Vi is one of the big National Park in Vietnam. It is rather quiet in the winter but it is ok if you just want to discover by yourself.

Ba Vi
Ba Vi

There are many new things to explore in the forest. Foturnately, it also has some resorts for you to stay after visiting places.

  1. Dalat

We can not no mention Dalat in this top list. This romantic city is a famous destination in Vietnam whole year but in the winter, Dalat also has a different beauty.


Dalat is suitable to walk around the peaceful streets or small moutains. The streets always wear the colorful clothes which is made by the wonderful flowers like roses, sunflower… You will have a chance to visit some flower gardens in Dalat with many unique kind of flower and small trees. Then, imaging that you sit down in the coffee shop, drink a cup of coffee and taste  some desserts, look out the window and watch the city appear in the lights, crowed streets with many people, it is romantic but will bring to you an amazing feeling in the winter.

This is adventure travel guide you should consider while travelling to Vietnam in the winter. Don’t forget preparing enough clothes.

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