All things you need to know when cycling around West Lake

Are you wondering where you could take a bike tour in Hanoi? Are you afraid of the crazy traffic here? Get away all of it from your mind and let’s take a cycling tour around West Lake. Not only the largest lake in Hanoi, West Lake is definitely the best place to do sightseeing easily and avoid the hellishness of the increasing car and motorbike traffic. Don’t hesitate to get a taste of local life through the bike tour around West Lake.

What are interesting in cycling tour?

Being considered as the largest lake to be found in the center, West Lake actually sits on the North of the capital city. With the shore length of more than 17 km, walking around West Lake seems to be one of the craziest things you do. But riding a bike would make the perfect sense. In the early morning or when the sun goes to sleep, the temperature outside is getting lower, ride a bike is the best way to immerse yourself into the cool wind from the lake, and admire the magical charm here.

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Tran Quoc pagoda
Tran Quoc pagoda

As well as an escape from the bustling and busy daily life, the lake also gives you an opportunity to watch fisherman at work. Being considered as “a lung of the city”, thanks to its vast blue water and the peaceful vibe, it is no doubt why not only the locals but also the tourists love gathering to come here. Ride a bike around, you can easily to stop and pay a visit to some very pretty temples. Following Quan Thanh or Dien Bien Phu Street, Quan Thanh temple or Tran Quoc pagoda is the first place you cannot miss out. Let’s take a short break inside the temples and find out more about the history or listen to some stories about the Buddhism in Vietnam.

Located at Nghi Tam, Yen Phu, Tay Ho, Hanoi, the flower market in Quang An has long been known as the largest flower market, supplying fresh flowers to Hanoi and neighboring provinces. This is not only a place of business but also a cultural feature of Ha Noi people. Are you wandering where those flowers come from? The cycling tour will take you to one of the most incredible places in the Lake- the lotus farms. Visiting Hanoi this time, the lotus in particularly and the summer flowers in general are in the full bloom and make this area more fabulous.

The lotus lake in West Lake
The lotus lake in West Lake

Nothing is better to end up your cycling tour by stopping at a small restaurant to enjoy the local food or even taste a cold beer while enjoying the breeze wind blowing across the lake. Along the sidewalk in West Lake, you can easily choose a lovely coffee shop for yourself to avoid the hot weather. If possible, let’s take a sit in a coffee shop at the top of Thanh Nien Street for watching the sunset over Truc Bach Lake.

The route for your reference:

Start cycling from the Old Quarter, pay a visit Dong Xuan Market in the early morning, crossed Long Bien Station, passed Hang Dau Water Tower, and then finally riding all the way along Thanh Nien Street to Truc Bach Lake and West Lake.

Where to rent a bike:

Most of the hotels in the Old Quarter or around West Lake have the bicycle service for you. So you can easily take a bike to discover this tour. If you are a backpacker, you can rent a bike at Hanoicycling shop- Lac Long Quan Street, THBC (The Hanoi bicycle collective- a small shop located in the North corner of the lake) or some bike shops around Ngo Huyen, located in the Old Quarter. Around West Lake, some tourist coffees also provide this service for your convenience.

The cost of renting a bicycle is around USD$ 4 per day. It is definitely cheap to make a cycling tour and immerse yourself into the fabulous and fresh vibe.

Quang An night market people have very different feelings about a cultural life in the lives of the people of Hanoi. The only light in the market is emitted by high-pressure light bulbs and the light bulb from above, which makes the whole market in a shimmering color, the virtual shelf. Flower market has become a happiness for many people, especially young people. There are many people who wander the night to wander the market is not necessarily to buy flowers but simply to feel part of the nightlife in this land of thousand years of history.


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