How is it on Fansipan, the rooftop of Indochina?

Fansipan peak is considered a massive roof of Indochina with the height of 3.143 meters.  This moutain is a very well-known mountain and climbing up and standing on the top Fansipan become a burning desire of all enthusiasts who like risky adventures to explore and conquer with difficult paths up and down. Do you know why they take risk for that? The real answer is the amazing feeling to standing the top Fansipan.

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On the top of Fansipan
On the top of Fansipan- source: internet

Leaving all of tiredness and nervousness behind, now you are feeling light-headed in victory when standing among majestic green forest. That must be an unforgetable experience in your life, because climbing up to the top of Fansipan is not only a journey to conquer the highest mountain in Indochia, but it is also a journey to overcome and win yourself.

Fansipan- source: internet

Therefore, with some, they feel so happy that they burst into tears when seeing that the top of Fansipan is before their eyes. Then they say this is my history moment and “slowly they give their hands to touch on the milestone 3.143m. Maybe, you have different way to show your special feeling

The top of Fansipan
The top of Fansipan- source: internet

However, truly, standing  in the middle of the endless earth and sky with wind blowing and cloud floating, you will feel to become smaller but so proud yourself since you have done a good job – conquered the roof of Indochina. This time, the sky is near you more than ever, the scenery beneath is both imposing and peaceful. And on this seldom occasion, don’t forget to take so many photos as you like for yourself and together with your friends. These pictures will records your rare moments, and sometimes when having a look back the photos, they will remind you about the successful feeling to standing and somehow the feeling give a strength and motive to conquer the hardships to gain the top success in your life.

Feeling on the top of Fansipan
Feeling on the top – source: internet

Beside great feeling, standing on the top Fansipan, some people think of the times when they were facing to difficulties on the way, which made they really want to abandon. But thanks to the enthusiatic help from friends, or others around. Sometimes it’s a support with hands, water and words of encouragement,…And they learned that in the life the determination and patience are not enough to assure their success. Especialy, after how many difficulties they shared on the way to the top Fansipan, now they were feeling so emotional. Then, they instantly embraced their friends and cried in happiness and love.

Feeling to standing on top Fansipan, is a great feeling of experience when you come to and travel Indochina travel Vietnam. Everybody quite agree that conquering Fansipan is also conquering themselves. Every step is an great attempt to overcome the tiredness of physical health and spirit. Not at all, many who have come back from the top Fansipan shared that everything had changed in their life. They feel stronger and always ready to face barriers in life and solve them better then before. They are also more confident and strongly belive in themselves, they believe in their efforts.

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