Ba Be National Park travel guide

Located 250 km away from Hanoi and 70 km away from Bac Kan center, Ba Be National Park belongs to Ba Be district in Bac Kan province. Given the designation of National Park in 1992 in an effort to protect this stunning area of rich biodiversity and unique landscapes, Ba Be is also considered as an ASEAN Heritage Park.


Boat trip on Ba Be lake
Enjoying boat trip on Ba Be lake

How to get to Ba Be National Park from Hanoi

You can get to Ba Be National Park from Hanoi by traveling by coach or private transport. The coaches depart from My Dinh bus station from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm everyday. The final stop is Cho Ra town which is 26 km far from Ba Be National Park. The price is approximately US$11.5  per person. It would take around 5 hours to get Ba Be National Park from Hanoi.

Besides, another option is booking a private car via Vietnam tour companies. From Hanoi, the driver will pick you up then drive towards Highway 3. After that, you continue to go straight in this direction to reach Bac Kan province. The distance is about 160 km so you have to spend about 3 to 4 hours getting Ba Be. In addition, this is also a route for both cars and motorcycles.

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Ba Be National Park trekking

Ba Be National Park is one of the most favorite places for ecotourism Vietnam tours. Recently, Ba Be National Park trekking has become such an interesting activity for not only Vietnamese travelers but also foreigners.


Ba Be national park trekking journey
Interesting experience in Ba Be National Park trekking journey

At Ba Be Lake, there is Tien Pond which is in round shape with is of 3,000 m2 in acreage. Moreover, the pond is surrounded by primeval forests, the pond surface is calm, without any ripples. If you look at the setting sun, there is a rocky slope that is rumored to be where the gods play chess.

From Tien Pond, you can continue the journey to the magnificent Dau Dang waterfall. The waterfall is about 4 km from Ba Be lake to the West. To get there, you need to walk through small paths through the forest, which takes approximately 20 minutes.

Along the way, you will come across Ba Be’s diverse flora. The waterfall has a length of 1000 m, where the waterfall is created with water fiercely falling down. However, when we arrive in April, as it is not in the watering season, the water level would be low. Therefore, the waterfall would be much more gentle without white foam or white rushing water.


Dau Dang waterfall
Dau Dang waterfall

Mystery landscapes in Ba Be National Park

One of the ideal destinations for Ba Be National Park trekking is Hua Ma cave. It’s in Co Don mountains which is located in southern Ba Be Lake, on the banks of Leng River, in the middle of Leo Pen area. In addition, it’s covered by huge shrubs. In the middle of the mountain, Hua Ma cave which is deeply ingrained in the direction of the East – South is solitary and murky all around the year. With a height of 350 m above sea level, travelers will walk up the gently sloping steps along the ridge. The entrance fee is US$1.1/person.

Walking into the cave, you will be a little startled because of the huge differences between inside and outside of the cave. According to the locals, the length of the cave is about 7km, while the ceiling is about 40 – 50 m in width. The gorgeous stalactite emerges from the cave. The deeper you go into the cave, the more “secrets” are gradually revealed.

Another interesting point for Ba Be National Park trekking is Pac Ngoi village of Tay ethnic. It’s located at Phu – Phia – Miang mountain. Above all, Pac Ngoi village still retains its own indigenous culture, traditional stilt houses, brocade weaving culture as well as the Tay’s culture. Coming to Pac Ngoi village, you will experience the daily activities of the Tay people such as weaving cloth, fishing on the river, making traditional musical instruments. In addition, it’s a pity if you miss taking a boat on Ba Be Lake for sightseeing. The price for a boat is about US$35, maximum for 12 people.


Pac Ngoi Village
The peaceful beauty of Pac Ngoi Village

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Ba Be National Park accommodation

The most popular Ba Be National Park accommodations are homestay and guesthouses. However, if you want to immerse yourself with nature, Mr.Linh’s homestay and Ba Be Lake View homestay are totally ideal choices. Both of them are highly recommended by travelers because of their cleaning, hospitality. In addition, they have the nice view towards Ba Be Lake.

On the other hand, travelers who want to experience the life of locals or currently on a tight budget can stay in Tay people’s houses in Pac Ngoi or Po Lu village. It will be a good price for you, which can fluctuate between US$ 2 – 4 each person.


Ba Be Lake View homestay
Ba Be Lake View homestay

Ba Be National Park weather

The annual average temperature ranges from 21 degrees Celsius to 23 degrees Celsius. Located in the rainy area, the average rainfall in Ba Be National Park is more than 1,600 mm and has abundant vegetation.

The Ba Be Lake area and the slopes of Phja Bjooc are almost cool all around the year. However, Ba Be National Park weather is sometimes very harsh in the winter, lasting from November to January. Winter in Ba Be often has hoarfrost, frost or drizzle, long wicks of wind that are not conducive to the growth of animals and plants, affecting human activities and health. During the rainy season, many communes along Nang River are often flooded.


boat on Ba Be Lake for sightseeing
Don’t forget to take a boat on Ba Be Lake for sightseeing

Therefore, the best time to travel to Ba Be National Park is April to October when the park is most beautiful. Travelers have the admire emerald water full of fish inside and peaceful beauty of the Northeast mountains with ripe rice fields. The 3-day tour is enough for you to explore this excellent land. If you would like to discover more about North Vietnam, you can combine Ba Be tour with other destinations such as Ha Giang, Ban Gioc waterfall, Halong Bay, etc.

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