Ban Pho Village: Where Nature Meets Hmong Culture in Sapa

Ban Pho village – a mountainous commune of Bac Ha district is one of the major tourist attractions in Sapa thanks to not only the natural landscape but also its unique specialties. Visiting a traditional winemaking village to enjoy the special corn wine of the H’Mong is absolutely an interesting experience here

Unique Ban Pho Village in Sapa
Unique Ban Pho Village in Sapa

What makes Ban Pho Village become unique?

Ban Pho Village is renowned for its stunning landscapes, traditional stilt houses, and vibrant cultural heritage. Here are what you can expect when coming:

  • The rich cultural heritage of the Flower Hmong ethnic minority.
  • Breathtaking scenery of terraced rice fields and green mountains.
  • Traditional stilt houses showcasing local architecture.
  • Authentic local cuisine, including specialties like corn wine.
  • Warm and welcoming hospitality of the village residents.


Ban Pho Village is located in the Sapa district of Lao Cai province in northern Vietnam. It is situated in the mountainous region near the border with China. The Flower Hmong ethnic minority group is inhabited here. Ban Pho village is known for its picturesque landscapes, traditional stilt houses, and vibrant cultural heritage.

Picturesque landscapes surround Ban Pho Village

Best way to reach

The best way to reach and explore Ban Pho is to make your way to Sapa, and then join a trekking tour to this unique village. By that, you also can admire the wonderful scenery of Vietnam’s Northwest Mountainous and discover the excellent culture of ethnic minority groups here.

You can choose trekking with an expert tour guide or the locals here. Followed their directions, along the Hoang Lien Son mountainside, just almost 4 kilometers, and then pass through a plum forest and a valley full of corn and rice, you’ll reach Ban Pho Village. H’Mong people had settled down in the village a very long time ago and they built their houses on high slopes and roofed them with Pomu wood.

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Off the beaten track with Ban Pho Village

It is the land that is rich in the cultural heritage of ethnic minority groups with beautiful breathless terraced rice fields and mountain landscapes. There are various unique things to do for you:

Explore the Fabric Weaving Handicraft

One of the traditional handicrafts in Ban Pho is fabric weaving with cotton and linen as main inputs. Local people living here wear clothes which are woven by themselves. Travelers might find it a little bit strange like I did, as they discover the fact that girls’ dresses are very eye-catching with colorful vignettes while men mostly wear dark clothes.

Overall, people in Ban Pho live mainly on rice farming, fabric weaving, and planting of medicinal plants. If you have time and interest, you can explore more and more about them.

Colorful vignettes on women's clothes
Colorful vignettes on women’s clothes

Communicate with the locals and explore their cultural

You can ask the locals in Ban Pho village for free accommodation because they are really hospitable and always treat you like their relatives. If you visit the village when people are cooking, you will be surprised when you see many strings of pork, beef, etc. being hung on the kitchen ceiling. That is how Ban Pho people make their own bacon. Tours in Vietnam

Moreover, you also can engage in cultural activities and experiences, such as participating in traditional dance or music performances, attending festivals or celebrations, and learning about the customs and traditions of the Flower Hmong people. This will provide you with a deeper understanding of their rich cultural heritage.

Enjoy amazing Corn Wine

To people who once traveled to Sapa and visited Ban Pho village, the taste of Northwest wine is definitely unforgettable. The cup of wine symbolizes the hospitality of local people here. In addition to Tam Hoa plums, Ban Pho special corn wine, even if you just try it once in a lifetime, you will never forget its flavor. Sipping a cup of corn wine you will feel the torrid and very hot flavor and at the same time a sweet taste like the quintessence of the earth and firmament.

 A local woman is making Ban Pho special corn wine
A local woman is making Ban Pho special corn wine

Lost in Bac Ha Market

Last but not least, if travel to Bac Pho Village on the weekend, you can have a chance to visit Bac Ha Market – The market only happens once a week, every Sunday by most Hmong and Dao minorities. This is the largest and most unique market in the Northwest. It is also recognized as one of the 10 most unique and attractive markets in Southeast Asia while still fully retaining the typical cultural beauty of the Northwest markets.

If you are lucky to join, here are some parts you can’t ignore in the market:

  • Brocade shop area: Brocade stalls are decorated beautifully and elaborately by people, covered with many colorful brocade panels.
  • Area selling Sapa specialties: where you can easily find countless dishes that have made a name for the local cuisine such as thang co, corn wine, molded corn cakes, mem men, sour pho, etc.
  • Livestock sales area: a place specializing in selling livestock such as buffaloes, horses, black pigs, and cats as well as the famous and intelligent Bac Ha breed dog

Hope with the information in this blog, you will draw your own Bac Pho Village picture and have a wonderful time visiting. Don’t hesitate to contact with IV Team, our travel experts absolutely satisfy your travel passions!

The Indochina Voyages Team.

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