What are beautiful destinations appearing on Kong Skull Island

If you are cinema lovers, it is sure that you will not miss Kong Skull Island because this is one of the most successful works of cinema art in Hollywood. This film is considered as the thanks of famous movie directors to the loyal audiences. Having been rebutted for a short time, this movie receives many love from the public as well as the compliment from many movie experts.

There are many factors that contribute to the success of Kong Skull Island. One of the most important things is the scene. A lot of beautiful destinations are chosen for this film. Some are in Hawaii, some in Australia. The audiences and experts appreciate all of them, especially those in Vietnam- a wonderful nation in the Indochinese Peninsula. Therefore, if having chance, you should spend time traveling to Vietnam to visit Trang An, Van Long Swamp, Halong Bay, Phong Nha Cave and so on which are chosen as the impressive scenes in the film.

Kong Skull Island- the return of legend


In 1971, a secret organization called Monarch explored an island which contained many mysteries. This was considered as one of the places where many strange creatures lived. Coming to this special island, the members discovered a giant monkey called Kong. It was struggling with another creature called “Skullcrawler” for the power. In history of this island, Skullcrawlers had killed many Kongs. During the discovering time, some members of Monarch found that they need to help Kong. Therefore, they became close friend to fight with the bad.

Beautiful scenes in Vietnam you should spend time traveling

Halong Bay- one of the most impressive scenes on Kong Skull Island

In film, from above, with sunlight, Halong Bay- a mighty mountain complex appear. A herd of white storks flies across the mountain before the camera of the photographer (Brie Larson). This is considered as one of the most romantic ones in this film. Therefore, let’s visit Halong Bay junk to feel truly the natural beauty here.

Halong Bay is a unique heritage because this destination consists of many important marks in the development history of the earth. This is the habitat of ancient Vietnamese people and the great work of art by mother nature with thousands of rock island in strange shapes. Moreover, Halong Bay is also the place of biodiversity with typical ecosystem and thousands of kinds of animal and plant. In particular, this place contains many cultural and historical values which represents for Vietnamese custom and belief.

Van Long lagoon- “the aboriginal village”

Van Long lagoon in Ninh Binh is chosen to be aboriginal village on Kong Skull Island where many exciting scenes were produced. After watching this film and having chance to visit Van Long lagoon , you will feel as you are also one of the explorers in this film.


Van Long lagoon is an artificial swamp which is related to the foundation of dyke to prevent villages from flood. From that, Van Long lagoon has become an immense water area with many beautiful rock islands and caves. Moreover, this is also the biggest Wetland Natura Reserve in the North. In this area, there are a lot of aquatic animals living, which makes friendly environment.

Coming here, you can hire a boat to discover this destination with cheap price. Seating on the boat and contemplating the natural landscapes here will be certainly an unforgettable experience for you. You will be very proud of being in wonderful place which is one of the nicest scenes in a famous film.


Trang An in Kong Skull Island 2017

Trang An is one of the first scenes of Kong Skull Island. In film, many unique rotations of this destination were filmed, which created good effects for this film. Therefore, if you want to see directly this wonderful landscapes, why don’t you travel Trang An.

Entire Trang An is a mighty and magnificent mountain complex which is made with many strange mountain shapes. Moreover, visiting Trang An, you can see many windy streams, secret caves, wild valleys and so on. All of them make you shocked because of the perfect beauties. In this area, there is a combination between many kinds of tourism such as ecotourism, spiritual tourism and so on for you to choose. Hope that you will have interesting moment here.

Quang Binh in Kong- skull island films

Quang Binh is the next place that filmmakers choosed for this film. All the people stunned and surpriced by the wild and unique beauty of cave system structure that nature gift to Quang Binh.

The Tu Lan cave system is located in Tan Hoa village, Minh Hoa district, from about 70 km northwest of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.

Tu Lan cave in Quang Binh
Tu Lan cave in Quang Binh- source: internet

Halong Bay, Van Long Swamp and Trang An are beautiful destinations which were used on Kong Skull Island 2017. Traveling here, you will have exciting moment!

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