The beauty of Ha Giang in October

Ha Giang is a province in the North of Vietnam. Ha Giang owns the loving and pure beauty as the ethnic ladies by not only the mighty landscapes and winding roads but also the nice and large flower fields.

Tourists can travel Ha Giang in any seasons and any months in the year, but you should choose a certain time which depends on your purposes. If you are flower lovers, the beauty of Ha Giang in October is the best choice because this is the time for blooming buckwheat flowers. The beauty of them will certainly makes you embarrassed.

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The triangular flowers contribute to the beauty of Ha Giang

Ha Giang is the wonderful destination because of the interesting experience about history and culture which it brings to tourists. Moreover, there are many beautiful kinds of flower here. It is very strange that in this rocky land, the flowers can bloom brilliantly and strongly. And the buckwheat flowers are considered the most unique ones. This arachnoid flowers seem to be opposite to the mighty rocky plateau. The imposing mountains make the beauty of the buckwheat flowers become lovelier and the softness of these flowers highlights the greatness of the rocky mountain.


In October in Ha Giang, when the yellow sunbeam falls into the road, the buckwheat flowers start blooming brilliantly and endlessly. The violet, pink and white flowers hurry everybody to come to Ha Giang to dip into the heart-touching beauties here.

The chilly and comfortable weather with early frost makes the strange and special feelings. The harvest has just been by and the straws bring the slight perfume. Interleaving the green of the cornfields, the yellow of sunshine and the blue of the sky, the colorful buckwheat flowers have become more and more attractive.

The violet buckwheat flowers contribute to the beauty of Ha Giang in October
The violet buckwheat flowers contribute to the beauty of Ha Giang in October-source:

The buckwheat flowers are only colorful points but when they are together, they make the giant wonderful carpets which surround almost the plateaus in Ha Giang. They can draw the splendid hills among the grandiose space.

Besides, tourists can also catch sight of the ethnic children going to school in the picturesque views of buckwheat flower fields. Their innocence with the romantic scenery will impress you at the first time.

The child goes through the buckwheat flower field to go to school
The child goes through the buckwheat flower field to go to school-source:

Especially, tourists shouldn’t miss the Buckwheat Flower festival in Ha Giang in October. This is a good occasion for you to enjoy both not only the beauty of this kind of flower but also characteristic programs. You will have many memorable experience if taking part in this festival.

Where to go to contemplate the buckwheat flowers

In Ha Giang, there are some place where tourists can enjoy the flowers. You can choose anywhere as long as it is convenient for you:

*Pho Cao: In Pho Cao, visitors can enjoy this unique kind of flower in the positions which are next to the cliff.

*Sung La: Sung La is the place where travelers can see the most beautiful buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang. The tiny violet petals have embarrassed many tourists coming here.

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Sung La – one of ideal destinations for you to enjoy the beauty of Ha Giang in October
Sung La – one of ideal destinations for you to enjoy the beauty of Ha Giang in October-source:

*Pho Bang: Pho Bang is a hundred-year village with the unique houses. Besides, it is also famous for buckwheat flowers which are planted in the valley.

*Lung Cu: Lung Cu is the North Pole of Vietnam. On the road to Lung Cu, there are many large fields where people plant buckwheat flowers.

Some notes when enjoying the beauty of Ha Giang in October

*The prices for some services in Ha Giang are usually higher than those in other places. Therefore, you should prepare and remember to consider the price before deciding to buy something.

*If you travel by motorbike, you need to bring along repair tools, tire and tube in case of something wrong because it is quite difficult for you to find out a garage in Ha Giang.

*When taking the photos in the buckwheat flower fields, you need to avoid damaging them.

When taking the photos, tourists have to avoid damaging the flowers
When taking the photos, tourists have to avoid damaging the flowers-source:

*You shouldn’t drink a lot of beer or wine because they can make you tired and not ready for the journey.

*You shouldn’t give money for local children and people as it isn’t a good habit in here.

*The weather in the morning of Ha Giang in October is quite cold. This is the reason why you need to bring along a thin coat.

Traveling Ha Giang on the occasion when the buckwheat flowers are blooming, tourists will have chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape here. You will be impressed by the beauty of the north Vietnam travel tours in October and your mind will become really relaxed and peaceful.

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