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Myanmar has been the destination of domestic tourists was chosen by the tour not too far and not too high. But as in many Asian countries have different rich cultures, customs and traditions of Myanmar also have many interesting things that you need to learn before you leave. Myanmar is a country very closely in matters of religion and cultural traditions. You should note the following compliance when to Myanmar:


Skip footwear and socks (socks) while in the temple area and the area does not allow footwear to go. You should follow the instructions of local guides to know where to begin to put shoes. Tours Indochina

 Some areas allowed footwear temple on the campus of the temple but not allowed into the temple. And most of the guests go to the temple to give sandals from outside the entrance.

 You should also remove shoes outside the house when visiting people who Myanmar, velvet all (socks) are allowed to wear.

The temple
The temple

Therefore, you should wear shoes, sandals easily taken on and off at the same time carrying a wet paper to wipe feet before bringing hybrid footwear. Myanmar people often go flip-flops, slippers or sandal well because of that. Myanmar travel tours

 When you give money, gifts or anything for other people, you should give with the right hand or with both hands to show politeness.

Some locations in the temple, or temple area, especially the formal sector and holiness will not allow women inside. You should check with local guides to make sure it is properly positioned. Women should not sit on the roof of a car or house roof, the roof of the boat, ship etc. That is sitting above the head of another person. Women are also not allowed to touch, touch or shake hands monk in any form. If you are unfortunate touch should apologize and the other monks would certainly feel guilty when being touched. In Myanmar, only males may act as tutor.

The monk
The monk

If you are wearing the traditional costume of Myanmar, you should wear boots, not backless, no belly, no topless and wearing bra (with women).

 You must wear long pants and shirt with hands knees, tight chest, backless visiting the temples of Myanmar.


Myanmar is a country rich in natural resources and precious wood gems

You should ask the price and bargain price before buying, even at the store listing price.

You should not buy the stock or Buddha looks very old (although the new object) because the Customs will not allow to take.

If you buy gems and jewelry: buy at the store a license and guarantee the quality and required to take a receipt. Customs may check such receipts.

Fossils of various types: customers buy value not too expensive, and to get a receipt. Once through customs check luggage will have to present that receipt.

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